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Things to Know about Pallets and Crates

Pallets and crates are there to protect and move your shipment. It can be very easy to gloss over their importance and think that it doesn’t really matter what materials or construction your industrial packing materials have. This can lead to damaged, broken or even completely lost shipments.

Here are some things that you should know about your pallets and crates before you send your shipment on its way. This information can help you decide if what you have is right for this shipment and affords enough protection for your shipment to arrive in one piece. Continue reading

Are Custom Pallets and Crates Really Necessary?

If you are shipping goods, you are going to need a container to get them where they are going. Since there are so many commercial solutions that can get the job done, is it really worth the extra money to have a custom crate built for the goods you are planning to ship? Here are some reasons you might want to consider having your shipment moved in a crate or on a pallet created specifically for it. Continue reading

Are Custom Wood Crates Worth the Price

wooden crateDoes it seem to you that shipping your items in wooden crates is overkill? Shouldn’t cardboard boxes be good enough? After all, the majority of shipping is done in cardboard, right?

Actually, there are many benefits to having you shipping done in a wooden crate. Crates offer quite a few advantages over regular cardboard boxes. Here are just a few of the ways that packing up your shipment in a wooden crate could be better for you than cardboard. Continue reading

What is the Best Wood for Crating

Wood work backgroundIf you have the need to have items crated for shipping, the first option you might confronted with is what kind of wood your crate should be constructed out of. There are typically two main categories of wood that are used for building crates: plywood and oriented strand board (OSB). Both of them have their benefits and downfalls. Let’s take a look at these different kinds of woods that can be used for crating and see which one might better suit your crating needs. Continue reading

Shipping in Cold Weather

winter ocean

As Canada and the United States get hit with another blast of cold weather, we all start thinking about ways that our everyday business can be affected by the temperatures. Shipping in cold weather can present an additional set of challenges that we do not have to deal with in warm weather. Here are some things to look out for when setting up shipping in colder temperatures.

Continue reading