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The High Cost of Full Truckload Shipping

money tug of warWhen gas prices were high, the reasons that shipping costs had gone up were pretty evident. Anything that shipped in a vehicle that used gasoline meant higher costs due to fuel. Now that fuel prices are plummeting, it seems like shipping costs should be lowered to match the drop in fuel. Truth is, full truckload shipping isn’t going down at all. Here are some of the reasons that the shipping industry is not tied as tightly to fuel prices as you might think. Continue reading

Tips for Minimizing Shipping Costs

shipping costs

If you are a high volume international shipper, you know the costs of shipping items are rising. This not only limits the amount of items that you are able to ship overseas, it can increase what you have to charge your importers, causing them to reduce volume.

Here are some helpful tips to reduce shipping costs when shipping internationally by sea.
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