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Packing & Shipping Christmas Trees, Overseas


Over the past month or so we have been making note of the stories coming across our line of vision regarding the shipping of Christmas trees overseas. Not every region is as blessed as ours (we must boast accordingly given that we are a Vancouver BC packing and crating company) in being rich with the natural resources that afford our residents with the pick of the litter when selecting the centerpiece of their home during the holiday season. Because most of the world is not ripe with Firs, Pines, and Balsams the shipping of Christmas trees across the globe has become a big business for both wholesale tree farms and shipping companies that include tree and plant-life in their overseas cargo.

The media has touched on these stories through the onset of the Holiday season. There are touching news stories that some US state regulatory bodies such as the Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection are waving their fees for Christmas trees shipped to those in active US military service overseas. Others include outside of the box thinking from retailers in Hawaii that bring in North American trees to meet the demands of tropical residents that are looking for a sensory taste of the mainland America from which they came. Wherever the request comes from, North American tree farms and other gateway businesses are filling the demand for this holiday symbol during the season so that no home overseas and abroad is left with a Charlie Brown sized Pine.

If you are considering getting involved with wholesale shipping of Christmas tees overseas in time for next season and beyond you will want to consider the following:

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