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How to Ship a Cessna Overseas


One look out onto the waterfront of Port Vancouver and you’ll notice a scene dotted by seaplanes and other small aircraft transporting visitors and commuters to and from our other surrounding ports and landing strips. The chances are that you are looking at a Cessna, perhaps a 172, an Amphibian model, or some other small craft variety in their expansive inventory. Perhaps not. The point being is that most people associate the brand with small planes and many transport and tour companies use them in their course of business. In port cities across the world these North American made planes are in demand by like businesses. With Greater Vancouver being a major North American port city that ships overseas to everywhere from Hawaii to Australia to various Asian shorelines, it is no strange sight to see a Cessna or other small aircraft being prepared for shipping along our harbors. If you are preparing for or considering the prospect of shipping a small plane overseas we are here to answer a few questions to help wrap your mind around the seemingly daunting concept.

How to Ship a Cessna or Other Small Plane Overseas

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