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More Shipping Terminology: Weights

Benefits of adopting a Transloader shipping method

When filling out shipping forms you might see line items for several different categories of weight. Not knowing which weight the form is asking for can lead to shipments being loaded onto a shipping line with a misdeclared weight. This could at the very least mean fines for you when the cargo is inspected at its departing or arrival at the shipyard. Worst case could mean a failure of your shipping container or even the total loss of the container off of a ship. Let’s look at the different weight terminology and see what the differences are.
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Standard Pallets vs. Custom Crates: When to Use Them

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You see them everywhere. Outside of the grocery store, the retail discounter, even outside of some more high end stores. Standard pallets are a very common item when it comes to moving goods from one place to the other. Sometimes they just cannot get the job done. You might need something more specific to your items dimensions or weight. Let’s examine standard pallets and see when they might not be enough to handle the job.
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Transshipping, Transloading and Customs: When Will My Cargo be Inspected?

customs worker

One of the most challenging aspects of shipping cargo to another country is customs. Each country has its own, sometimes very complex, laws that require the right paperwork to be filed at the right times. But, if your cargo is being transloaded or transshipped to be moved to a different country, when will customs kick in and what customs paperwork needs to be filed?
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The Basics of Flexitanks

heavy shipping container

So you need to ship a liquid but do not want the hassle of shipping it via tanker cars? Well then a flexitank might be right up your alley. Flexitanks are a new shipping technology for shipping non-regulated liquids that can fit inside of a standard 20’ shipping container.

They are not yet approved for shipping hazardous or regulated liquids, so make sure to keep that in mind. Here are the basics of just what a flexitank is and things to consider if you are going to use one.
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Things to Consider with Overseas Shipments

overseas shipping

Shipping overseas is not like shipping domestically, or even shipping internationally over land. There are many more points to consider when shipping to a country overseas.

Proper planning and thought about the things you need will ensure your shipments arrive on time and where you need them to end up. It will also help you predict the proper costs to charge for shipping your items overseas. Take a minute to consider some of the things listed below before shipping overseas.
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Do Cargo Ships Load My Containers with the Doors Inwards?


Shipping a large amount of goods always makes a shipper worry about crime. There is a large amount of cargo lost every year due to theft, to the tune of almost $50 Billion USD. It seems that one of the most logical methods shipping lines might use would be to stack the cargo with the doors inwards.
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Short Form Bills of Lading

cargo shipping vesselBills of Lading are vitally important documents in the shipping and receiving chain. They provide evidence of the contract, a document of title and information regarding the receipt of goods. In short, these bills are the document that provides proof of the entire contract for shipping and receiving. These documents, once established, are non-negotiable and/or non-transferable, the intent being to ensure that cargo is delivered into the proper hands.

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