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How to Ship a Yacht Overseas

imageHow will you get one of  these to the other side of the world, without putting them in the water?

First of all, congratulations on the purchase of a yacht. Unless you are the seller, then congrats on the notable windfall. With those pleasantries out of the way we can address the quandary that likely landed you on this article. While those on the “outside looking in” may assume that the answer to the inquiry in the title is to have the large boat do what it is meant to do – hit the open sea and make its way to its next destination on its very own hull – such an overseas journey is a daunting one and will put some significant wear and tear on your yacht. That is why so very many of you are searching for a more practical shipping solution for your ship and why we are using today’s post to provide further insight into the process.

How to Ship a Yacht, or Other Large Boat, Overseas

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