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Some Common Freight Shipping Mistakes to Avoid

The world of logistics is a complex one. For those just getting started in moving freight, it can seem overwhelming. Even those who have been doing it for years can make mistakes that most rookies know to avoid. Are you doing all you can to avoid these freight shipping mistakes?

Getting into a Carrier Rut

Do you find yourself comfortable with the carrier that you have been using? Because of this, have you gotten rid of all the other freight carrier numbers you had in your address book? This can actually be a costly mistake.

While it is a good idea to form a relationship with a carrier, you should have one back up, at the very least. Things can happen that can cause a carrier to not be able to carry freight. Strikes, downsizing or even facility issues can cause you to have freight piling up with no rescue in site.
Have at least one or two alternative carriers that you can turn to in a pinch. Better yet, rotate your carriers on a regular basis to have working relationships with several.


Misdocumenting Shipment Weight

This is a pretty common and easy mistake for freight shippers to commit. To properly weigh freight, you need to have the right equipment. If you don’t, you may be tempted to just run some numbers or “eyeball” the numbers. This can end up costing you.

Carriers will re-weigh the shipment at their terminals. If they find that your weight and theirs disagree they will charge you a re-weigh fee on top of the other shipping charges. These can add up to a significant amount if they continue to occur.
Avoid re-weigh fees by having the right equipment to get the job done on site. Don’t forget to keep calibrated so you can be confident in your numbers.


Using the Wrong Packaging

Sometimes freight gets damaged. Carriers are aware of this, which is why they carry insurance. The issue is when the damage is caused by improper packing. Carriers can (and will) refuse to cover damages that are caused by improper packaging.
Make sure that the packing that you use for your shipment is the right stuff to get the job done. You should know your freight and be able to get the right stuff for what you are shipping.

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Wrong Class of Freight

A common adage in the shipping industry is the lower the class, the lower the cost. The issue is when you pick the wrong class for your shipment. Carriers who catch you picking a lower class than you should will charge hefty fines and spread the word to other carriers to watch out for you. Pick the right class from the start to avoid all this.
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