Shipping Packing Checklist


You take the time to box up and get your shipment ready to be moved out to its destination, but when the shipping line shows up to load your cargo do you take the time to inspect what it is being loaded into?

The condition of the container that your shipment is being moved in can have adverse effects on the cargo it is carrying. To ensure that your items are going to make it to their destination on time have a checklist of things to inspect prior to loading your cargo into a shipping container. Here are some ideas of things to have on that list and what to look for when inspecting them.

Initial Inspection of the Shipping Container

When the truck arrives to pick up your shipment, take some time to look at the condition of the shipping container. If your cargo is going to be loaded into another container to be shipped overseas, you may wish to take a trip to the shipyard to do an inspection of the container it is being transferred to. Either way, during your initial inspection look for:

  • The general cleanliness of the container. Has it been cleaned lately and is it free of dirt and grime.
  • Are there any strange smells or musty odors that are present in the container.
  • Are there any water stains or moisture marks on the floor or walls.

The presence of any of these can indicate that the container might not be able to handle keeping water off of your cargo.

Make an Inspection of the Roof

This will probably require a ladder for checking the container on the outside, but you want to make sure that the roof seals properly and does not leak.

Start by standing inside the container and closing the doors. If you can see any light coming through the roof this is an indication that water can come through as well. Reject any container that this happens with.

Next climb up on the roof and do an inspection (of have someone you trust do this). Make sure the roof is free of rust and corrosion. While rust might block out light from the inside it may give way at any time and become a full on leaking hole.

Check the Doors and Door Seals

After checking out the roof, check out the doors and the seals on the doors. Just like the roof, the doors should be free from holes, rust and corrosion. Shut and open the doors to ensure that they open easily and swing free.

Also check the seals around the doors to make sure that they will properly hold out moisture. They should not be cracked or missing.

Finally check the locks and locking mechanisms. Make sure they operate properly and do not stick. Also make sure that when locked, the doors cannot slip the lock rods.

Finally use an experienced company like the Cratex group for your industrial packing needs. Contact us today!