Shipping Heavy Packages – Freight or Parcel?

Shipping containe being unloaded by overhead cranesThe internet has opened up the ability to sell items all over the world. In the not too distant past, the size of your item limited what you could sell on the internet; this is not the case anymore. Shipping heavy and oversize items is a daily occurrence in this global economy. You do not have to pay more for the shipping than you do for the item any longer.

There is a little more planning involved in shipping these items. There are additional rules that apply when shipping large or heavy items, and you will need to make some additional choices when it comes to how your item is going to be shipped.

Crating Services before Shipment

Before determining a carrier, have a professional crate your items for you. There is more to packing a heavy item than just using extra tape or reinforced cardboard. Companies who specialize in designing custom packaging are well equipped to handle your packaging needs.

Once you have your item packaged, and then choose the best method for shipping.

Shipping by Freight

Traditional freight carriers generally do not accept packages over 150 pounds. This will require you to arrange freight shipping through a trucking company. There are many options that usually involve selecting a company that will allow you to purchase less than a full truck load.

Less Than a Truck Load (LTL) services generally charge you by the amount of space that you are going to take up in the bed of the truck as well as the weight of your package. This means that shipping is generally a function of weight, mileage and the size of your package.

When shipping these types of items internationally you might want to work through a freight broker. These brokers can assist in not only arranging space in trucks, they can also assist you in properly packaging your item for the process.

Brokers are usually in contact with several trucking companies and are able to figure out how to best bundle your shipment along with other shippers looking for the same type of service. This way you can benefit by the brokers knowledge as well as their ability to combine your shipping order with others.

Parcel Shipping

Shipping by parcel carrier is easier but can be more restrictive. Parcel carriers charge a rate based upon the dimensions of the packaging combined with the weight of the shipment. Parcel carriers will put a maximum size restriction for packages and may not allow you to ship items larger.

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