Shipping Heavy or Oversized Freight?  How Custom Skids Can Help.

Shipping heavy or oversized freight presents challenges that are far different than standard freight shipments.  Many of these logistical problems can be solved with the right shipping materials such as skids and proper shipping methods.  As the premier packing and crating company for all your shipping needs, we would like to share how a custom skid can help you with your heavy or oversized freight.

What is a Skid?

The skid was the main shipping foundation for all freight into the 1930’s.  They were used extensively in World War 2 because of their ability to be pulled by a truck through all types of terrain.  With the advent of the double faced pallet, the skid became primarily a shipping foundation for oversized and heavy freight.

Skids are not pallets and there are some important differences as well as advantages to both, depending upon what you are shipping.  The main difference between a pallet and skid is:

  • Pallets are constructed with a top and bottom deck whereas skids lack a bottom deck.
  • A pallet can provide more stability than a skid, especially for lighter freight.

The reason a skid lacks the bottom deck and rests on pedestals is twofold:

  • The skid’s unique design allows it to be highly mobile and easy to move from all sides.
  • This design also makes the skid stronger than a pallet and can accommodate a wide range of heavy or oversized freight.

How a Custom Skid Can Help  

Not every piece of oversized freight is going to be the same dimension, nor will they be transported or shipped the same.  This is where custom skids come into play.  A custom skid is designed to account for not only the unique size and shape of your freight, but it will also accommodate any specific type of lifting device or any other transportation hurdle that your freight may encounter.  In short, a custom skid allows your oversized or heavy freight the opportunity to become mobile.

Custom skids can also be used to provide a permanent and stable foundation.  This can be especially important if you need to move or relocate heavy machinery around a jobsite.  Custom skids are designed to be stable and reliable and take up little space when not in use because they are stackable and easily stored.

Depending upon your shipping needs, a customized skid may be right for you.  If you have further questions or are unsure if your freight requires a skid or a pallet, please contact us today.  We will be able to answer any questions, and help you with your packing, crating and shipping needs, regardless of the type of freight you are moving.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.