Shipping Heavy Haul

Heavy haul is a term that is given to oversized or wide load freight.  Heavy haul may require special permits as the load exceeds the legal limits for weight, height or width and can be more complex than regular freight.  Your heavy haul freight may require transloading partners as well as different permits and routes.  We understand the heavy haul process and would like to offer you the following tips on how to ship your heavy haul freight.

Know Your Dimensions

Before starting the heavy haul process, make sure to know the dimensions of the freight you are looking to ship.  Believe it or not, a few inches can make the difference of the cost, route or even the permits required to ship your load.

Here’s the deal:

If the proposed dimensions or weight are different than the actual dimensions and weight, your freight may be held up, as permits will have to be changed or re-applied for, all at your cost.

Plan Ahead

It is also advisable that you set out a timeline and be somewhat flexible with this timeframe.  Allow for time to secure the necessary permits and make the arrangements, especially if multiple carriers or transloading is involved.  It is also important to allow time or prepare for the unexpected.


Construction or weather can drastically change shipment times and dates and need to be accounted for. Be patient and allow extra time for the minor inconveniences.

Seek out Professionals

Once you know the dimensions of the freight and a timeline, the next step is to find a shipping company that is reliable and can take care of all the other details such as:

  • Do you need any special machinery to load or unload? Make sure that your shipping company has cranes or forklifts and can unload and offload your freight.
  • Are there other special requirements? Requirements such as: braces, tie downs, flagging pallets or crates.
  • Can your shipping company take care of the necessary paperwork? Make sure that your carrier can handle the necessary permits and that they are included in your shipping costs.

The more factors that you and your shipping company can account for, the smoother the shipping process can be.  Preplanning can save you not only time but also money which will lead to a better bottom line for you and full customer satisfaction for your customers.

At Cratex, we understand the complexities that come with heavy haul shipping.  We provide state of the art specialized equipment that will get your freight on and off the trucks and safely to its final destination.  We will work with you to ensure that your freight is delivered effectively and efficiently as possible, regardless of its limitations.  When you are looking for a shipping partner for your heavy haul needs, remember Cratex.  We look forward to working with you soon.