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Shipping Expensive and Delicate Equipment

If you’re a manufacturer of expensive or fragile equipment, then you know how stressful it can be to find the right shipping methods for your products. Without the right shipping strategy or method, you can run the risk of having your important products damaged in transit, possibly angering your customers and harming your reputation.

Fortunately, with the right tips, you can safely ship your expensive and delicate equipment so that both you and your customers have peace of mind. Here is some advice for shipping fragile products and advice for hiring a trusted Vancouver transloading service for your most important shipping jobs.

Bubble Wrap is Key

If you’ve ever shipped a delicate product in the past, then chances are fairly high that you protected your merchandise by using bubble wrap. While almost everyone is familiar with this highly useful product, fewer people are aware that there is actually a proper way to use bubble wrap to ensure the integrity of your fragile products.

When using bubble wrap to secure your sensitive and expensive products, you need to wrap it in such a way that the bubble wrap creates a one inch barrier around the entirety of your shipping items. For most sensitive items that you’re shipping, a one inch bubble wrap should be enough protection to ensure your materials reach their destination intact.

Mark Everything

An underrated factor in shipping equipment that could possibly be damaged during transportation is letting your Vancouver transloading service that your items need an extra level of protection. While you’ll be able to notify your shipper while you’re planning your services, you should also clearly mark your packages with information about their special shipping needs.

Add large, bright stickers to your packages that indicate that they are fragile. In addition, always indicate if your items need to be stored in a certain orientation. Properly marking your packages is one of the best ways to guarantee a successful shipment free from serious damage.

Documentation Protects Your Investment

Unfortunately, despite your best precautions, it’s still possible that your expensive materials will be damaged during shipping. If this ends up happening, you will need to file a damaged item claim, which means you’ll need to prove that they were damaged while being transported and not beforehand.

The top way to protect your delicate items is to document their condition before shipping so that you can be sure they’re in the same condition upon delivery. Take pictures of your items as you pack them and fully record their condition, which will make it much easier for you to determine if they’ve been damaged in way during transportation. If you have to file an insurance claim, you’ll be glad to have this evidence on your side.

Schedule Vancouver Transloading for Your Fragile Items

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