Shipping Antique Pottery or Porcelain: Make sure Your Pieces Arrive in One Piece

Antique handmade potteryWhether you are shipping an antique or porcelain piece because it was sold or if you are sending it to your new home, you want to be sure that it arrives in one piece.

Shipping can expose your antiques to all sorts of potential harm. Packing your objects properly can nearly eliminate the risk and ensure that your antiques or pottery arrive intact.

Identify Potential Trouble Spots

The first thing you want to do is identify any potential spots that could be easily damaged. Handles or spouts on tea pots are the perfect examples of parts that might crack or break off.

A first step is to reinforce these areas by using foam or bubble wrap to add cushioning. Secure the bubble wrap in place with packaging tape. Always remember, be sure to tape the wrapping. Do not tape the item. Tape applied directly to your antique or pottery’s surface can cause damage.

Wrap the Rest of the Item

Now that you have reinforced the weak points, it is time to wrap the rest of your item. Again, using light foam or bubble wrap is your best bet. Take care to get the entire object covered without putting too much around your item. Do not mummify your pottery, just give it sufficient padding if it ends up being bounced around.

Pack in an Inner Box

Now you want to pack your article inside an inner box. Find a large cardboard box that has enough room for about six inches of packing on either side of your piece. Layer foam peanuts or crumpled paper on the bottom of the box, then place your item inside of it. Fill the rest of the gaps in with more peanuts or paper.

Do not pack your pottery too tightly. This could cause more damage. There needs to be enough room for some cushion.

Have an Outer Crate Made

Now that it is packed in an inner box, you want to crate your item in a sturdy shipping crate. There are many professional crating companies that are capable of assisting you in assembling a shock resistant crate.

Your crate should also have a good six inches between the inner box and the wall of the crate. Make sure that your inner box is secure and will not move around during shipping.

Label and Ship

Now that your item is safely packed, it is time to ship. Arrange to have a reputable carrier ship your package to its final destination.

Cratex offers a wide array of crating services for all of your shipping needs. Visit us today and contact us if you have any questions or need our assistance in shipping your fragile pottery or porcelain antiques today.