How to Ship a Jet Ski Overseas


Interesting topic right? Who doesn’t love a hot sunny day out on the water on a jet-ski? That’s why this question is often posed online by both buyers and sellers of this sea skipping recreational vehicle. That is also why individuals, tour companies, travel activity providers, and resort properties all across the warm climates of the world are in demand of jet-skis. If you happen to be in the position of selling and/or shipping the recreational vehicle/s for the first time, then you likely need some guidance, which is why you found this article here today. Proceed, for the answer you are looking for.

5 Tips to Shipping a Jet Ski Overseas

1. Know the Paperwork

It goes without saying (yet we’ll say it) that you will need proof of title, purchase, bill of sale and any other documents unique to where you are shipping the cargo. In addition to ensuring that the ownership transfer information is detailed on paper you will also need to provide a detailed list of any components accompanying the cargo, including anything that has been separated from the jet-ski for safer transport.

2. Drain & Disconnect

Drain the gas from the jet-ski/s so that there is no fire hazard on the shipping vessels’ hands. If the jet-ski has been in the water in recent days then be sure to drain any water that may be hiding within its components, especially salt water. Also disconnect the battery and pack it safely together (and documented) with the cargo.

3. When to Use RoRo

Cratex Group recently touched on the shipping concept of Roll-On/Roll-Off (RoRo) and we encourage you to read the article here. RoRo applies for the most part to those shipping an individual jet-ski, on a trailer, overseas. Only consider this method if your trailer is safe for towing under more strenuous circumstances than simple “A to B” trips. If the shipping vessel can accommodate RoRo and your jet-ski shipment and trailer are in sharp enough condition for the voyage this is indeed the easiest method to ship them overseas.

4. When to Use Crating

For those without trailers (or it’s simply not practical) and those looking for extra special protection for the shipment then crating is certainly a wise option. In fact when it comes to shipping new jet-skis to a customer having a professional crate this cargo in a sturdy wooden encasing could be considered your only solid option.

5. When to Use a Shipping Container

If you are shipping multiple jet-skis at once then using a shipping container is your logical option. When doing so you will absolutely need a professional industrial level packing and crating company to take care of this process. You’re loading thousands of dollars of machinery into a container (can fit up to half a dozen jet-skis depending upon size) and they need to be in perfect working order for the customer upon arrival. They want nothing more than to gas them up, connect the batteries, and have them in the sea without a hiccup.

In the end, your best option for getting your jet ski to its destination in the same condition that it left your hands in is to secure the services of a reputable industrial packing and crating company to prepare them for shipping. Contact Cratex Group today if your interests are located here in the Lower Mainland.