Protect Your Cargo for Shipping

colorful shipping containers

Cargo that arrives at its destination in pieces, water logged, dented or scratched is the definition of an unsuccessful shipment. While most reputable shipping lines will insure your cargo, or at least pay for damages where they are liable, there are things you can do when shipping your items that will ensure a safe journey for them. Here are some general things to consider when packing your goods up to be shipped.

Carrier Reputation

Knowing the track record of the company doing your shipping can be a good first indicator how well they are going to treat your cargo. A company that charges a lower cost might not have as good a reputation when it comes to taking care of your items during shipping. Do your research and know just who is handling your shipment when it leaves your warehouse.

Proper Packing Materials

Obviously you know what it is you want to ship, but how do you fill the space between and around the items for when they are in transit. Picking the right pacing material for your application can really mean the difference between a broken or damaged goods or quality products after shipping. Another thing to consider is that many times insurance will not cover improperly packed items. Here are some common packing materials to use for shipping:

  • Brow paper filler
  • Bubble wrap
  • Shredded cardboard
  • Shipping peanuts
  • Form fitting foam

Customized Boxes and Crates

Heading to the hardware store to pick up generic boxes for shipping might seem like a way to save money, but it really will only get you damaged goods. The best way to ensure that your items are going to arrive in one piece is to have custom crates and boxes designed for their shipping. Companies like Cratex Group specialize in the construction of containers for all sorts of items. They have the experience needed to asses just what type of crate would be the best for your shipment to ensure little or no damage to your shipment. While it might be a bit more expensive, the investment is worth it.

Full Crates and Boxes

Nothing can cause more damage during shipment than items shifting around inside their crates or boxes. This why packing them as full as possible is necessary to ensure a safe shipment. Using oversized boxes or crates can only lead to every bump, quick stop or turn that the shipment makes shifting your cargo around and potentially causing damage. Prevent this by picking the right sized box and filling it as much as you possible can with packing materials after your items are inside.

Environmental Conditions

Shipping ice cream in the summer is a bad idea if it is not in a climate controlled container. Be aware of the time of year and the different environments your shipment is going to be passing through to ensure that simple temperature and weather will not cause damage.

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