Protect Your Interests When Packing & Shipping to the Philippines


The Filipino community in North America, especially here in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver, continues to grow at an exponential level. Because of this business interest both towards and from the Philippines is growing in proportion. While large segments of their labor concentrated population are securing work on our shores their internal development within the metropolis of Manila (including burgeoning districts such as Makati and Fort Bonafacio) are beginning to resemble the likes of high-end Southern California cities (with a walloping dose of humidity). You could close your eyes here and awake in Makati thinking that you are still at home in North America as you spy a Starbucks, TGIF, and 7-11 on every corner along with Trump branded hotels. The population in Manila has adopted the North American architectural and retail ideal which has feverishly increased the demand for products and materials from both the US and Canada. As an industrial packing and crating company serving Vancouver BC area ports we receive many customer/client inquiries from small to large scale businesses interested in our services for preparing their product/materials for shipping to Manila. In today’s blog post we are providing some tips to ensuring your end of the process is taken care of before handing off efforts to Cratex Group and any subsequent shipping company.

Tips to Packing & Shipping to the Philippines

1. Know Restricted Items & Ones Carrying Duty Taxes

  • Animals including fish (not too relevant to most businesses)
  • Plants (not too relevant to most businesses)
  • Medicine (not too relevant to most businesses)
  • Equipment for telecommunication (very applicable to businesses setting up both offices and retail interests in the Philippines)
  • Color photocopiers (also noteworthy for businesses setting up offices in the Philippines)
  • Vehicle parts (very applicable to construction companies)

2. Know Items Prohibited from Cargo Shipping

        • Adult Entertainment Materials
        • Certain types of medication
        • Toys that realistically resemble authentic weapons
        • Firearms and ammunition (construction companies using explosives in demolition will also need to take note)
        • Narcotics, opium and any paraphernalia related to smoking opium (a given)
        • Counterfeit currency (a given)
        • Equipment or machines for gambling
        • Previously worn clothing (relevant to those retailing vintage clothing and for those corporations considering providing typhoon relief in such a manner)

3. Know Restrictions Placed Upon Shipping Vehicles

  • Cars older than 5 years cannot be shipped to the Philippines
  • Proof of ownership, import permits, and applicable engine numbers must be presented for each vehicle being shipped

4. Know Restrictions Placed Upon Shipping Timber

  • Phytosanitary certification will be required for timber, such as that being shipped for the use of construction in the Philippines

This recent blog entry is only the first of many, with each new article in the series focusing on the shipping of business goods to various regions around the world where our Vancouver ports may be the point of departure. Stay tuned for updates. Until then, if you are preparing to ship your products/materials to the Philippines or any other overseas destination then be sure to contact Cratex Group for your industrial packing and crating needs.