Preparing Your Pallets for Shipping

Properly prepared cargo is an important first step for any successful shipment.  Stable, well packed pallets can save you money in insurance claims due to broken or damaged freight.  It also saves time as well because packed freight is easier to move and stack.  As the premier company for all your packing and crating needs, we would like to share these tips on how to prepare your pallets for shipping.


It is important to remember that you are responsible for packing your own freight.  Moving companies are only required to move your freight from point A to point B.  If your pallets fall apart mid move, freight may be lost or damaged or it could just sit in a warehouse marked as undeliverable.  Take the time to pack your freight carefully, to avoid these types of scenarios.

Packing Boxes

A properly packed pallet starts with carefully packed boxes.  This includes:

  • Quality boxes, superior packing tape and other materials.
  • Fully packed boxes, leaving no space so products cannot be damaged or crushed during shipment. Use packing material to fill the empty areas.
  • Tape around the tops and bottoms of boxes to reinforce them and prevent them from being damaged.

Stacking Boxes

Once you have properly packed all your boxes, it is time to stack them on the pallet.  When stacking, make sure to:

  • Stack heavy boxes on the bottom of the pallet to stabilize the load and to prevent any boxes from being crushed.
  • Distribute the overall weight of the pallet evenly. It is important that there is equal weight on all sides preventing tipping or leaning.
  • Align boxes evenly to build a symmetrical pallet and to prevent any overhang that may cause damage during shipment.

Reinforce the Pallet Load

As you build the pallet, it is important to reinforce it to make it stronger and solidify the entire load.  To achieve this, you can use:

  • Flattened cardboard every couple of levels or rows to stabilize any loose boxes. This will also protect the boxes from damage.
  • Use cardboard beads or reinforced cardboard around the corners to strengthen the overall pallet load and to prevent any corner damage.

Secure the Pallet Load

Once you are satisfied with your overall pallet load and it is stable, reinforced and properly aligned, it is time to secure the load and prepare it for shipping.  It is always a good idea to wrap the pallet load with shrink wrap.  To properly shrink wrap your cargo, make sure to:

  • Wrap your freight 3-5 times for added strength.
  • Use quality shrink wrap and twist to add more strength.
  • Wrap the top part of the pallet, but make sure to leave space so that your pallet is accessible for a forklift.
  • Ensure your pallet is protected by a wooden crate, and secured so it doesn’t shift inside the crate during transit.

These steps should ensure that your pallets are ready to ship and will arrive on time without any damaged freight.  If you would like more information on preparing your pallet for shipping or how our services can save you money on your shipping costs, please contact us today.  We look forward to working with you soon.