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Strengthening supply chain resilience beyond BC's port strike.

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

In light of British Columbia's (BC) port strike, our goal is to facilitate a smooth transition while implementing effective strategies and proactive measures that enhance the ability of the supply chain to withstand and recover from disruptions caused by the strike upon reopening. This will enable businesses to navigate through this period with minimal concerns.

Vancouver port BC strike
Concerns Rise as B.C. Port Strike Heightens Supply Chain Disruption Worries Port of Vancouver

The closure of a single major port can have disruptive effects on supply chains, hinder the flow of goods, and pose significant challenges for businesses engaged in international trade. However, the situation becomes even more critical when, as of July 1st, 2023, thousands of workers who load and unload cargo at terminals at more than 30 B.C. ports, went on strike. This strike is expected to have far-reaching implications across the economy, logistics, and society at large. Therefore, engaging the services of an experienced company becomes crucial during this time. By implementing effective strategies and efficient solutions, their expertise will enable a smooth transition that strengthens the supply chain upon port re-opening.

Facilitating a smooth transition to mitigate disruptions

One crucial aspect of facilitating a smooth transition during BC's port closure is proactive planning. It involves assessing the situation, understanding the implications, and promptly identifying alternative routes and modes of transportation. By working closely with logistics experts and translating service providers, businesses can maintain the flow of their supply chains.

Facility close to BC port

Another key factor is effective coordination and communication. Clear communication with shipping lines, carriers, freight forwarders, and other stakeholders is essential. Coordinating with transloading facilities like Cratex, which is in close proximity to the ports is valuable at this time. This collaborative approach fosters effective problem-solving and ensures a smoother transition.

Implementing contingency plans is vital to mitigate disruptions. By having pre-established plans in place, businesses can quickly adapt and respond to unexpected situations. Contingency plans may include identifying backup options like freight storage in transloading facilities. This proactive approach enables companies to maintain the flow of returning empty containers back to the port within the specified time frame while making effective arrangements for outbound delivery at the same time.

Let’s explore how Cratex Industrial Packing’s specialized transloading, and storage facility system has been a game-changer during pivotal events like the 2021 rail port closure and re-opening and the 2021/2022 truckers' strike.

With port backlogs and high container traffic, we understood the urgency of the situation and swiftly mobilized our resources to help navigate the challenges of the supply chain. During this period, we leveraged our connection, communication, and close proximity to the port to book appointments, minimize delays and pick up containers. We prioritized transloading time-sensitive containers that had limited days to return empty back to port, optimized cargo sequencing, and established freight storage solutions for outbound trucks and vice versa. By implementing this efficient import and export workflow process, we effectively navigate the complexities of port backlogs and container traffic, ensuring a timely trans-loading and delivery of critical goods and the smooth transfer of goods from Cratex to awaiting vessels for onward shipment during periods of increased demand and congestion.

Furthermore, Cratex provided valuable insights on the most efficient transportation routes, considering factors like distance, road conditions, and potential congestion. This efficient and organized approach ensured that the supply chain experienced minimal disruptions, and customers' demands were met promptly.

Partnering with Cratex will not only help your company weather the storm but also strengthen your supply chain resilience.


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