Picking a Company to Prepare your Boat for Shipping

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Our industrial packing and crating Vancouver company has found its success by becoming known as the “go to” resource for a wide variety of industries and considerations. This is especially true with regard to our services for sea-craft.

Being a port city that comes not only with a coast line, but with a multitude of islands, bays, and inlets, there are salt water nooks and crannies all over Greater Vancouver and each of them with a marina. Within these concentrations are individually and corporately owned seaworthy vessels. This all equals a large demand for shipping and industrial packing services not just for parts for boats but also for entire boats themselves. That’s where Cratex Group comes in. In today’s blog post we discuss a few key points regarding what you need to look for when securing the services of a company to prepare your sea-craft for shipping.

Boat Weight Capacity

This part is pretty straight forward. If the packing and crating company that you are considering cannot accommodate the size/weight of your boat/s then they are of no use to you. Understand your exact weight requirements before soliciting shipping preparation services for your boat so that you can check the ones that do not meet your needs immediately. As a point of reference, Cratex has forklifts with a 40,000 lb. lifting capacity and a total lifting capacity up to 80,000 lbs. We also have a 10 Ton Overhead Crane – there’s nary a “small-med craft” boat size that we cannot handle.

Environmental Protection

Protecting boats from the environmental elements during shipping is an absolute necessity to ensure the longevity of the vessels in addition to the safety of those using them – be it in leisure or service. In a previous blog post we discussed salt water corrosion as being a primary culprit when it comes to concerns regarding shipping exterior sensitive items overseas and this is extremely true for boats. When selecting a company to prepare your boat/s for shipping be sure that they provide UV screening, heavy duty shrink wrap plastic boat covers and wrapping services for both domestic and overseas transport needs. In addition, be sure that the service provider uses cutting edge environmental protection products such as Cortec Corrosion Inhibiting Products.

Awkward Dimensions

Barely a boat comes with the same dimensions of other makes and models and because of this there is not standardized “sleeve” for shipping that will suit your needs as they would a car. While there are relatively many other industrial packing and crating companies out there, very few can accommodate the needs of large scale items that to be put bluntly – are awkward in dimension. Ensure that any company that you are considering for your boat/s shipping preparation uses state-of-the-art shrink wrapping that can fit your vessel tight and securely without damaging the protruding appendages of the craft in the process.

We know it may come off as a little self-promotional in drawing your attention to boat shipping preparation considerations that Cratex as a packing and shipping company provides but the simple fact is that any pre-qualification neglect made in the above three criteria can hamper your vessel’s longevity and safety. If you are indeed in need of such a service please do contact Cratex Group today.