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New Year’s Resolutions – How Transloading Can Save Your Company Money

As we welcome in the New Year, it may be time to reassess your business goals and investigate where you can improve your efficiency as well as trim some costs.  One of the often overlooked areas that can be easily improved is in the shipping department.  With a few easy tweaks, you may be able to not only improve your company’s bottom line, but you may also be able to speed up the overall shipping time.  Here are some of the reasons why you should consider transloading for all of your shipping needs.

Why Transloading?

Transloading utilizes a variety of different shipping methods to ensure that your cargo is delivered in the fastest, most efficient manner possible.  What transloading does is it cuts down on the amount of time that your goods sit in storage.

Here’s the deal:

The faster the delivery time, the happier your clients are and the more goods you can ship.  Transloading makes so much sense from a business perspective because of its efficiency and bottom line.

However, this still begs the question – How will transloading save me money?


When it comes to shipping your cargo, location is so important.  As a business owner it does you no good to have to ship your goods to a warehouse that is out of the way from your freights final destination – in essence you are shipping your freight twice.  All our warehouses are conveniently located in strategic areas in and around Vancouver to speed up your shipping times.


Just because your freight can be moved into a warehouse does not mean that it will be shipped any faster.  The method and equipment used to offload freight is as important as conveniently located warehouses.  Antiquated and improper loading equipment can:

  • Damage freight leading to replacement costs or poor customer satisfaction.
  • Slow down overall shipping times because of delays or inefficient unloading methods, thus driving up storage fees as well as shipping costs.
  • Create unwanted insurance claims and a bad name for your company.

At Cratex, we use specialized equipment that can safely handle a wide range of freight.  We carefully and efficiently are able to load and unload all types of cargo and can transfer it quickly and in an organized manner.  We strive to provide the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

Know How


The overall goal of transloading is to speed up the delivery time which will ultimately save your company money.  We have over 40 years of experience, and are confident that our transloading methods will save you money on all of your overall shipping costs.  Call today and see why transloading is the right way to ship your freight.  We look forward to working with you soon.