Mistakes to Avoid When Shipping Computer Servers

Are you in need to ship some sensitive computer equipment? Maybe making and shipping servers is your regular business. Regardless of the situation, when you are going to be shipping sensitive computer equipment like servers there are some pretty costly mistakes that you can make. In order to ensure that your server equipment makes its destination intact and ready to work when it gets there, avoid these very serious mistakes.

Know How Far you can Trust OEM Packing

One of the pieces of advice that you might always see about shipping computer and server equipment is to save the OEM packing. After all it was designed with the product in mind and can offer the best protection for your equipment right?

The issue is that OEM packing was really only made to provide the most basic of protection. Your OEM provider is essentially playing a numbers game where even if some of their equipment arrives damaged, it is probably going to be a low number. So they build their packing to provide the minimum amount of protection as possible. It is not designed to prevent all damage all the time.

Know what the limitations of your OEM packing so that you can provide your equipment additional protection when you are shipping it.

Pallets offer Zero Protection

If you think all that you need to do is put your server equipment on a few pallets and shrink wrap them on, you may be in for an unwelcome surprise when your equipment arrives non-functional. Pallets are great for being able to lift and move, but they are not going to offer any more protection than that. At the very least you should use double walled cardboard boxes and at the very best you should be using custom wooden crates for the most protection.

Avoid Styrofoam Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts are cheap, cost effective and can take up a lot of room in boxes to provide protection. The main issue is that peanuts offer up quite a large amount of static electricity. Static electricity is something that your server equipment will not get along very well with. Static build up can damage server components and erase storage.

Another issue is that peanuts can actually break apart easily leaving very small pieces. Those pieces can get into the ports and electronics of your server. While they may not cause damage when your server is delivered, they will when you go to power it up.

Get the Right Insurance Coverage

Most freight insurance is priced out per pound. The issue is that your costly computer servers are worth much more than the per pound coverage that you would get. Make sure that the insurance that is on your shipment is going to cover the full cost of the server replacement should something happen in transit.

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