What it Means to Serve the Busiest Shipping Port in Canada


While often shrouded in grey skies this port has the brightest future of all in Canada

In case you have just now come across our blog, and thus this website, it’s good to know that you’ve stumbled upon the online portal for quite possibly the busiest industrial packing and crating company in Canada. You see, Cratex Group services clients seeking to prepare their products, materials, and various industrial level wares for shipping from the ports of Greater Vancouver BC. The Port Of Vancouver and all surrounding receiving waterways combine to create the busiest port city in the entire country.

The Port of Vancouver itself, annually handles over 70 million tonnes of cargo on average, according to recent updates from Transport Canada. However in 2013 that number skyrocketed to 135 million tonnes. There are many reasons as to why our left coast waterways pack in more traffic than the L.A. 405 at rush hour. A peek at recent Cratex Group articles offers a hint.

First of all the feverous demand for Canadian products from Asia, detailed here, continues to spearhead the success of our ports. We can safely say that this demand is not going anywhere anytime soon. And with BC being the shortest distance from Asian ports to Canada our shipping lanes will remain choppy with ocean vessel wake.

We’ve also addressed the recent increase in Canadian consumer confidence which has in turn lifted the retail industry in the spring season of 2014. Our “return” demand for overseas retail goods (electronics, clothes, accessories, etc…) arriving from Asia has shipping containers being stuffed with consumer goods and sent en route via ships to our port city for distribution across the country.

Another important consideration that vouches for Greater Vancouver’s rise and maintenance as Canada’s prime shipping destination is the overseas demand for dry bulk goods which includes agricultural commodities such as grain. These shipments too take to Canada’s western shores to be sent off to customers overseas. More information on this topic can be found here.

Even our most recent article prior to the one before you regarding tips to shipping goods to Australia evidences that our trade relationships with the entire globe are strong, and with Greater Vancouver being the gateway to most of it, the future remains brighter than ever should your company or organization be looking to make a long term run out of developing a customer/business base overseas.

The above returns us to the initial point of this article. Cratex Group has been serving the bustling ports of Greater Vancouver for decades. We prepare products, materials, and all sorts of goods for shipping for a massive client base. We’ve braced, bracketed, crated, packed, and wrapped everything from pianos to helicopters and ensured their safe delivery overseas. Clients come to us because even amidst serving the busiest port in the country we treat each and every project as if it was the only one on our plate.

If you have cargo slated to join the tens of millions of tonnes expected to travel year after year from our ports we encourage you to contact Cratex Group to best protect your shipping interests.