Maximize your cost savings with Transloading

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There are several reasons why transloading has become the most cost-efficient and preferred way to handle goods for import.  Transloading services ultimately help you save money by bringing ocean containers inland to distribution centers.  Transloading also reduces both your landed costs and your handling costs at the destination by transferring cargo (without sorting the contents for shipment ) to a single destination.

Additional costs and be saved when the services are combined with palletizing and shrink-wrapping. Below we provide you with more tips to help you maximize your savings with transloading:

Tips for saving money on your shipping costs

  1. Have a good understanding of the rules of transloading:

    When you are able to consolidate ocean containers into larger domestic trailers, you can reap the greatest benefits of cost savings.  For example, cargo in three 40-foot ocean containers can actually fit into two 53-foot domestic trailers.

  2. Make sure the overall savings surpass additional handling costs:

    Consider whether your savings would be negated if, for example,  your destinations are located farther from the West Coast discharge ports.

  3. Make use of palletizing:

    Consider palletizing cargo to improve the handling efficiency of the distribution center.

  4. Consider services into transit time estimates:

    It takes time for all the uploading, handling, and reloading to take place. Allow up to three days to ensure you are able to meet delivery demands.

  5. Ensure your cargo fits the bill:

    Additional fees will be charged by transload operators for containers if they surpass a certain number of cartons. You may inadvertently offset any transportation saving if you have containers with many smaller cartons.

  6. Ensure handling flexibility:

    Clear your ocean containers and make customs entry at the port of discharge to maximize flexibility in handling cargo and eliminate the need to move the shipment in-bond.

  7. Increase supply chain efficiency:

    Take advantage of merge-in-transit offerings that allow importers to combine products from different origins/shippers by transloading near the port of arrival.

  8. Expedite delivery to final destination by using transloading:

    Transloading near the port of discharge allows you to bypass distribution centres and maximize delivery speed to the end customer. The reduced handling charges and improved transit time can also help cut down on supply chain costs.

  9. Avoid expensive containers:

    Ship fully loaded/optimized containers to a single container freight station near the port of discharge, instead of light-loaded 40-foot containers from several overseas vendors to your inland distribution centres.

  10. Set up transloading programs early:

    Ensure your service providers coordinate with the origin forwarder. This will result in better service levels and reliability, thereby reducing costs.

Transloading services offer many great benefits to large businesses. We provide tailored services for your specific needs. Give is a call to discuss your next cargo shipment or visit our website for more information about transloading and see what we can do for you.