LTL Shipping Your Furniture

fork lifter transporting wooden crate

The idea of shipping your furniture typically brings to mind large moving guys in stained T-shirts walking all around your house. While this might be the case if you hire a moving company, it is possible to ship furniture via Less than Truckload (LTL) freight carriers. Using this method is a cheaper alternative to using a moving company. There are some differences in the types of service you should expect, and there is also some additional preparation that might be necessary. If you have a large amount of furniture to ship, or have a furniture manufacturing business, then LTL shipping might be for you.

What Kind of Furniture Do You Need to Ship?

You aren’t going to want to use an LTL freight carrier to ship your antique bedroom furniture. That sort of thing is best suited for a moving company. LTL carriers are best for small items that can be boxed up or crated. Bedroom night stands, chairs, stools and even mattresses in bags make great items for an LTL carrier to move for you. Bigger pieces need a special touch that LTL carriers can’t offer.

Boxing Up Your Furniture

The best way to get ready for an LTL carrier to pick your items up is to get them boxed or crated. Standard furniture pieces should be able to fit in large boxes. You are going to want to pad those boxes with a packing material like peanuts or foam. Remember to fill up as much of the empty space as you can with packing material to prevent your furniture from moving around inside the truck and while it is being loaded and unloaded.

LTL carriers would prefer to pick up boxes or crates that are on pallets. If you have had a custom crate made for your furniture, then make sure the crates are able to be moved using a pallet jack or fork truck. If you go the pallet route, make sure that your boxes are securely fixed to the pallet using shrink wrap or straps.

Once your furniture is palletized, you are ready for your LTL carrier to pick up your shipments.

Choosing an LTL Carrier

You can call around to freight carriers yourself looking to make your load part of an LTL shipment. But this could be time consuming, and you might not get the best prices possible if you do it this way. There are many freight handling services that can assist you in finding an LTL carrier for shipping your boxed furniture. Consider using one of those services to locate a carrier.

Also remember that if you are shipping from a residence, it might be hard for an LTL carrier to get access. This might be a great opportunity to use a custom industrial packing company like Cratex. They can crate up your furniture then have the shipping company pick up directly from them.

Contact Cratex group today about custom crates and pallets for your LTL furniture move!