Keys to Selecting a Freight Carrier

Tips for choosing the right freight carrier for your company.In the shipping and supply chain, it’s important that you leverage just the right services to get your cargo from one place to the other. Making the wrong choices can create problems not only with a high cost and low efficiency supply chain, but can create communications issues, can see your cargo get damaged en route, or may simply create aggravation and headache when the shipping process is not functioning as you’d like. There are several things you should keep in mind when making the choice of a carrier for your goods, which will make sure that you will have a long and productive relationship.

Tips for Choosing The Right Freight Carrier


The first thing that most companies will look at when selecting any service for their corporation is the bottom line: what will the service cost? As much as it is difficult to accept, however, it’s important to note that other factors may play a more important part. While it might be tempting to simply look at who charges the least and jump on that service, you should remember the old adage of “buyer beware.”

If you pay for a very low cost service, you will, in general, get a very low value service. Your best option will come when you take the best cost after also considering qualifications and safety guarantees of your shipper. Keep price in mind, certainly, but balance it with the following two factors.


Qualifications and reputation may be the single most vital part of selecting a freight carrier. Do some research. Check out word of mouth reviews of different carriers you are considering. If you have trustworthy contacts in other businesses (even competitors) who have used the shipper in question, ask their thoughts on how the shipper performed.

By doing your due diligence, you will be able to determine which carriers provide the best service for the cost, what kinds of transportation they use, how good their communications are, what their freight capacities are for different modes of transport, how good their industrial packing is, etc. All of this information will play an important part in selecting your shipper.

Secure and Safe Shipping

This should go without saying, but the shipper’s capacity to move your cargo from point A to point B while ensuring that it will arrive safe and undamaged is of utmost importance. From their industrial packing to their shipping capacity to their speed and communication, all of this plays into their ability to move your cargo safely.

Check out online resources to research the safety record of each shipper you are considering. Look at information regarding the size of the company, their length of time in business, inspection history, crash reports, and customer reviews and enforcement actions taken. Make sure that they have a high CSA 2010 carrier rating.

These three criteria are essential to choosing the right carrier for your business. If you need help choosing just the right shipping packaging for your business, feel free to give us a call!