Is Custom Industrial Packing Worth It?

Do you need to ship items for yourself or your business?  If so, then you might be tempted to cut some corners by going with standard cardboard packing for your shipment.  While shipping can be very expensive, cutting corners on the packing that you use can be even more costly.  After all, what happens if the items that you are trying to ship end up arriving broken, damaged or unusable?  Here are some reasons why you could benefit from using custom crating and industrial packing on your next shipment or transloading freight move.

Items Are More Secure in Packing Built for Them

Is it possible to find a box or existing packing material that is pretty close to the size of what you are trying to ship?  Of course it is—the issue becomes about what to do with all of that empty space that needs to be filled around your items.  Fragile items are particularly sensitive to packing materials that might be slightly too large.

Having a crate custom built for your shipment means that the packing material was designed with your items in mind.  If they are fragile, extra care can be built into the packing to ensure that your items have little to no chance of getting damaged.  The amount of empty space around your items is minimized, and can easily be filled up with packing material to ensure your shipment won’t move or shift in transit.

Wooden Crates Offer More Protection

Cardboard is a cheap and low cost way to move items.  The problem is, it isn’t very sturdy; it can’t hold up when things are spilled on it.  It also tends to be easily crushed if it is mishandled.  Therefore, you should ask yourself this question: just how much do you trust the driver who picked up your shipment?

A wooden crate offers a multitude of protections for your shipment.  It can be built to keep items up off of the ground so that spills don’t affect them. Wood is much sturdier than cardboard and can take some manhandling before it breaks.

Overall, your items and your shipment are much safer in a custom crate.

Odd Sized Items Are No Problem

Are you trying to ship an oversized, odd sized or exceptionally heavy item?  That isn’t a problem with custom packing.

Since your packing is being built specifically for the item that is being shipped, you don’t have to worry about it not fitting.  The crate can literally be built around the item so that it fits perfectly.  This will ensure that you don’t have to settle for something that is much too large or for no packing material at all.  Any special need that your item might have can be taken care of by having custom packing built for it.

Trust Cratex Group for Your Custom Packing and Transloading Needs

Make sure that you are giving your next shipment the best protection it can have by having Cratex Group build a custom crate for you.