International Shipping Tips: II

International shipping can be easy when you follow thesehelpful tips.
As a small online retailer who is looking to ship your products over the international lines, you may likely be worried about the many risks that accompany the complicated procedures. In the following entry, we will continue from our previous posting and introduce to you the last three tips in detail. Enjoy!

International Shipping Tips Continued:

Tip #3: Target Specific Nations/Countries

Given the many rules and regulations that each nation/country may have, it would be a good idea to learn about the international e-commerce of the shipping destinations of your choice before you open up sales. Then, after you familiarize yourself with the customers and regulations, choose ones that you feel would be easiest to ship to and open up your sales then.

Tip #4: Know the Underlying Costs

Taxes and duties are specific to each country and nation and apply to every shipment that will make its way across the borders. Understanding the “landed costs” (total cost of international orders) is important for a retailer to know in order to relay the appropriate information to their customers, who may refuse shipment if they were not first informed of the duty added to an item when it arrives. If you wish to go for the extra mile, provide an online program for your customers to calculate the landed cost before they finalize their purchases.

Tip #5: Use fulfillment services

If you are simply too busy to handle your international orders personally, you may wish to look into hiring fulfillment services such as those provided by Amazon and Chapters. If you do hire fulfillment services, what you will do is pay a fee per order and the fulfillment service will take care of all of the packing, labeling, and shipping while being mindful of the rules and regulations. You may also want to look into whether or not they have global warehouses to take advantage of so that some of your shipments can enjoy domestic shipping rates.

Here concludes the five tips we can offer you about international shipping. For all of you big-boss companies out there who deal with larger exports and imports of goods, we wish to let you know that we specialize in catering to your specific needs! Simply contact us for more information.