Crating Services

crating, transloading, industrial packing - shipping crates

One of our specialties is designing and building custom shipping crates for trade shows, exhibits or for any transportation need. We build our crates with years of proprietary experience in order to keep your cargo safe and secure from the elements of nature and from damage during shipping. We have become experts at blocking and bracing containers to ensure your goods arrive in the same condition they were sent.

Before we build your custom shipping crate we start by determining your exact requirements in regard to size, shape, amount of protection required, weight handling capacity, the fragility of your goods, and whether or not there are any environmental concerns involved.

Then we use our many years experience and knowledge to design and build your crates to suit.

Whether you have a trade show in Toronto or a client in Hong Kong we are experienced at helping you ensure your goods arrive on time, in good order, and in compliance with all destination point rules and regulations.