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Is freight or shipping a large part of your business? If it is then you may be missing out on a way to add value to your shipments. If you aren’t using custom packing and crating services, then you may be missing out on the benefits for your company.
Cratex Packing Service

Transit is Harsh

You want your cargo to arrive at its destination in a good shape as it can possibly be in. However, the rigors of transit can make arriving in perfect condition hard. Some of the things that your shipment might face during shipping are:


If you are shipping by ocean, then the sea environment is something that can do serious damage to your cargo. Any material that is susceptible to corrosion, such as untreated metals, can have issues in a saltwater environment.

Varying Temperatures

Unless you are shipping in a climate controlled car or trailer, your freight is going to have to deal with the temperatures of the areas that they ship through. This could mean sweltering heat in the summer or bone chilling cold during the winter.


When temperatures change, so does the moisture in the air. Condensation may collect on the items being shipped. If you are shipping anything that can be damaged by water, then this can pose a major problem for you.

Dirt and Dust

The road, the rail and even the sea is not a clean place. The wind will kick up dirt and dust that can get inside your packing materials and contaminate your shipment. Protecting from dirt and dust damage is very important for any shipment that is going to be on the road or out at sea. Prepare accordingly.

Shock and Vibration

Loading, unloading, uneven pavement and shifting while on the road are all ways that your shipment may be subjected to vibration or shock. Even the utmost care taken when loading a box marked fragile can be undone by one pot hole in the road.

First Line of Defense

Are you still packing your shipments into cardboard boxes and shrink wrapping them on pallets? While that might be a way to save money, it may not be the best way to protect your shipment. It may not even be the easiest way to ship.

Wooden crates are a much better way to ensure that your cargo is going to have the maximum amount of protection while in transit. Not only are wooden crates more sturdy, they are much better suited to have custom bracing installed inside.

Custom Bracing Can Save Your Shipment

If you are trying to protect your fragile or easily damaged cargo from shipping damages, then custom bracing can help. Cratex Group can design a customized system to ensure that the normal bouncing, jostling and road bumps that your crate is going to experience during its trip will not cause damages or breaks to the shipment.

Custom bracing can also help to prevent damage when crates shift and bang into each other during shipment. Wooden crates with custom bracing are the best way to protect your goods as they head out on the road.

Custom Crating for Oddly Shaped Freight

Custom CratingAnother advantage of a custom built shipping crate is that they can be made in any dimension for any need. That means you don’t have to worry about your oddly shaped or over-sized items jostling or being damaged by less than sturdy shipping means.

You won’t have to try to fit your goods into a box that is too small for them or try to figure out how many packing peanuts you need to cram in a box that is too large. Custom crates are built with the size and shape for your items in mind and also have an option for a bracing system to be built in, upon request.

Shrink Wrapping for Protection

Do you need your shipment to be sealed against any contamination the road is going to throw at it? Then you might want to think about shrink wrap for your shipment.

Shrink wrap is a large plastic covering that is treated with heat. As the heat is applied the plastic shrinks to conform directly to what you are trying to ship. This protective coating forms a barrier between your cargo and all of the dangers of the road.

How large or small do items need to be to be shrink wrapped? Items as small as electronics all the way up to the size of heavy industrial equipment can benefit from shrink wrapping. There can even be extra protection placed inside of the shrink wrap to help control condensation or moisture on the inside of the packing to better protect your shipment from water damages.

Corrosion Inhibiting Products

Are you looking to ship metals or other items overseas that are susceptible to corrosion? Then you may be concerned about the damage that might be caused to your shipment by the sea air. Don’t worry, Cratex Group can help!

We offer a full line of corrosion protection that will stop corrosion damage in its tracks. Instead of the invasive and heavy oils that were used in the past, our Cortec products are perfect for any shipment. They work on everything from heavy industrial equipment to sensitive aerospace structures.

Use Cratex Group for Your Vancouver Transloading

Your shipment needs to be able to handle anything the road or sea can throw at it. The best way to ensure that you are going to have your cargo arrive in perfect condition is by having your custom crating and industrial packing done by Cratex Group. We can work with you to ensure your shipments arrive unharmed by travel wear or sea air.

No matter what size, shape or weight your shipments are, we can help you give your freight the protection that it needs to arrive at its destination safely. Contact Cratex Group today for your Vancouver transloading and custom crating needs.