Transloading is revolutionizing the shipping industry.

How to Avoid the First Freight Shipment Jitters

The first time that you do anything is often an exciting experience. When it is the first time you are setting up freight pickup for something that you have made and are selling to a customer, that excitement can quickly turn to concern. How do you know that you got the industrial packing right? Did you get the right carrier? Will it all arrive on time?

If you are a first timer, those are great questions. Here are some tips that you can use to make sure that your first freight shipment jitters and worries are quickly resolved.


Did You Pack It Right?

Sending freight is much different than sending a small box of something via mail. This means making sure that your shipment is packaged properly. Fortunately, experts in industrial packing like Cratex Group exist to help you through this process. Contacting a firm that is knowledgeable in what you will need to pack your shipment properly can be the difference between a successful shipment and a crate full of broken parts. Cratex Group can help you through the packing process from beginning to end to ensure that your goods will arrive as you intend.


Remember the Insurance

Getting insurance for your freight is critical. Don’t make the “rental car” assumption that the company will cover damage if something truly bad happens. Depending on the method that you are using to transport your freight, the liability of the company may be very limited should something happen to your shipment. Make sure that you are covered for the full value. You may not need it for your first freight shipment, or even your tenth, but you will need it eventually. Best to have it instead of regretting that you didn’t pay for it.


The Bill of Lading

Your Bill of Lading has critical information on it about your shipment. You want to make sure that it is drawn up correctly and contains critical information like:

  • Pickup and Delivery address
  • Box, Pallet or Crate Count
  • Total Weight of the Freight
  • Class of Freight
  • What is being Shipped
  • Who is Billed

The bill of lading is what your freight company will use to identify your shipment and make sure it gets picked up and dropped off where it should be. Nobody is going to check your bill of lading for accuracy but you. If there are errors, then you may end up with errors in your shipment.


Pickup and Delivery Dates

While it should go without saying, you need to know when things will be picked up and dropped off. This ensures that you know when to have things ready as well as making sure that everything is ready for the shipment on the receiving end. This should all be worked out before hand by you, your customer and your freight company so there is no surprises.

For more information and tips on your first freight shipment, contact Cratex Group today!