How Green Shipping Can Save You Money

We live in a global world.  The rise and demand for goods and products has forced many businesses to think larger than locally or even nationally.  In order to reach these new found markets, you may need to rethink and develop new cost-efficient shipping methods.  What you may not realize is that often green shipping or sustainable shipping methods can be some of the most cost efficient ways to reach these new markets.

As the premier transloading and shipping company in Vancouver, we would like to offer you the following ways to take advantage of sustainable shipping methods and why they are right for your business.

Why Use Sustainable Shipping?

Sustainable shipping is part of the larger green initiative that is influencing how companies choose to do business and is a major selling factor for consumers.  Businesses that choose to take the extra responsibility of sustainable practices are going to be rewarded by consumers and markets for their choices.  Besides a market perspective, other reasons to choose a more sustainable shipping method include:

  • The high cost and amount of waste of extra and often excessive packaging that comes when you use more traditional means of shipping.
  • Emission rates and extra and often unnecessary shipping costs. These can quickly be paired down by employing transloading to your shipping methods.

How Can You Save Money?

Less is more

Reduce the amount of packaging and material that you are using to ship your products.  If you cannot reduce your packaging, look at greener packing choices, such as:

  • Replace all plastics with paper or other bio-degradable, environmentally friendly packaging materials.

Green inside and out

  • Try to use 100% recyclable materials for your shipping packaging.
  • Reuse packing and packaging if possible to save money.

Ship in bulk

  • If possible, try to ship as many products together to maximize your freight space and weight. This is not only a more sustainable way to ship your goods, the efficiency will also save you money.

Review your shipping methods

  • Take the time to review your shipping partners. See if there are ways to save money by either consolidating freight or if you are a small company, perhaps collaborate with another business that is shipping to a similar or the same destination.
  • See if by choosing sustainable shipping methods there are any savings, rebates or taxes that can be found through greener shipping choices.

The green movement is here to stay.  By choosing more sustainable shipping practices new, you are not only choosing a more responsible way to conducting business, you are also showing consumers that you are putting the environment and earth first.

We would love to help you with your shipping needs and be a part of the new, sustainable shipping market.  Contact us today to see how we can help.