shrink wrap

General Industrial Packing Tips

If you are looking to move your freight any distance, then an important step is going to be industrial packing. Moving freight is different than using a commercial service with premade envelopes. Here are some basic steps for getting your items ready for shipment.

Box it Up

Unless you are shipping large equipment that can take up an entire pallet or crate by itself, you are going to want to have boxes for everything. Boxes keep everything in one place and help to protect your shipment. If you are going to have multiple boxes, you will need a shrink wrapped pallet or a custom crate for shipping.

Fragile or Non-Fragile

Next determine if your shipment is going to consist of fragile items or non-fragile items. Generally speaking, fragile items are going to be things that can break due to normal shipping conditions. Glass, electronics, artwork and household goods are all examples of fragile items. Canned goods, paper, tools and bulk building materials are all non-fragile goods.

Box Items Accordingly

Depending on the type of item you are shipping, your packing methods are going to differ. When packing fragile items, more care should be taken to protect each individual item. Using bubble wrap to wrap the item, placing it in a box, then wrapping that box in bubble wrap and putting it into a second box is a good strategy. Remember you want your fragile items to be as snug in the box as possible without damaging them. This will prevent items from getting broken as a result of shifting during shipping.

Non-fragile items are a bit easier. Just make sure that the boxes you are packing them into are sturdy enough to hold the weight. If they can be affected by dirt, dust, salt water or weather, you might want to consider a layer of insulation around them to prevent contamination. Use foam, padding or packing paper to fill in the gaps in the boxes and secure them with packing tape to ensure that they remain closed.

Shrink Wrapping a Pallet

The pallet is the standard shipping unit for several boxes. You want your palletized boxes to move as one unit. If they sway, move or can tip over, it can cause all manner of problems for your freight company. Start by building a solid base on the bottom by wrapping several layers of shrink wrap around the bottom of the box and the pallet. Pull tight before going around a corner.

Once you have created a solid foundation, start building on it and working your way up. You want to make sure the second layer is firmly connected to the base layer and so on as you move up the pallet. When you reach the top, you can either stop or work your way back down if you are not satisfied with the stability of the pallet.

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