Freight Forwarders are Vital to Supply Chain

Freight forwarding is a vital part of any successful company's supply chain.When you have cargo that needs to be moved from one place or another, as a company you have many options available. Whether you use a direct-shipping method, or coordinate multiple shipping types, you want to be sure you get the best efficiency for your money, saving both labor and time in your supply chain, while maintaining high-quality service to your customers. To this end, many companies leverage the services of freight forwarders to supplement their overall supply chain methods.

5 Reasons why Freight Forwarding is Vital to your Supply Chain

Freight Forwarding Matters

The importance of having a reliable freight forwarder in your supply chain cannot be understated. After all, these are the people who ensure that the entire process of transporting cargo is properly coordinated, that accurate and complete information is forwarded to all involved parties in a timely manner, thus enabling tracking of the package from its point of origin to its final destination.

3PLs and Freight Forwarding

Third-party logistics providers, or 3PLs, do a lot of work with freight forwarders. These providers, who may or may not have options for which forwarders they will deal with, help to coordinate and establish warehousing extensions for customers who require overseas shipping.

As such, three-way communication between the customer, 3PL, and forwarder to have efficient and fast communication to make sure that pickup and delivery times are properly coordinated, leading to accurate delivery when the freight needs to reach its destination.


A freight forwarding company has the capability to utilize multiple forms of transport, moving to and from airplanes, boats, trucks, and other forms of shipping as necessary. The freight forwarder manages the direct transport as well as handling the logistics of coordinating the carrier network, to deliver the fastest, most efficient, and cost-effective transport.

Speed and Efficiency

Forwarding companies are registered as licensed carriers in every state in which they operate, and possess import and export licenses, saving the customer the problem of coordinating this paperwork as well.

A good freight forwarder can ensure that the process goes smoothly and without incident, communicating any necessary information as quickly and accurately as possible to both the shipper and receiver. Generally, freight forwarding services are leveraged in emergency situations, or at least those that are time-sensitive or urgent, and add the kind of flexibility and efficiency to the supply chain that greatly reduces the logistical concerns and labor costs of the product manufacturer.

Tracking and Accountability

Freight forwarding companies allow product manufacturers to be aware of where their cargo is, at any point in the shipping chain, as well as any issues that might arrive. Information communicated can include pickup times, overall transport time, arrival date and time at the warehousing location, condition issues regarding cargo and shipping crates, and estimated arrival at the final destination as well as delivery confirmation.

The freight forwarder will take accountability for any shipping crates or damage to the product being shipped, ensuring that the cargo will arrive intact and undamaged.

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