Ensure Your Overseas Shipment Braves Waves Without Harm


When you envision shipping your products or materials used in the course of conducting business across the ocean overseas what image does your mind conjure? You have thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars (millions?), of merchandise/goods on the line and braving the most unpredictable of Mother Nature’s weapons – the sea. We don’t know about you but the first flash that comes to mind for many is one of a relatively large shipping tanker turned tiny in comparison as it climbs a dark blue flowing wall of a wave, slapping its hull back down with a white water splash as it hurdles over each towards its destination.

Waves are the big question mark when it comes of overseas shipping. No matter how clear the sky, wind, and swell forecast on the day of departure the slightest shift in conditions can dramatically alter the passage of any ship using its surface to transport cargo from land to land. The ankle lapping wash that you wade in at your nearest shore is the result of a wind born swell that traveled thousands of miles to arrive. But the mostly gentle result can look entirely different out there on the sea as it gains its momentum. Again, are you confident that your valuable goods are prepared to arrive in as good as a condition as they were when they left your watchful inspection? Granted, reputable shipping companies are vastly experienced in dealing with these conditions. The unpredictable nature of the entire ocean system is in itself a system that can be accounted for with contingency plans. Many accessible overseas shipping companies are proficient in settling-in your shipment within containers to ensure its protection during the long journey. A little due diligence and online research regarding shipping companies located around your nearest port will provide for the comfort that you need. But then there are rogue waves.

Rogue waves. You may have heard of them monikered as monster waves or freak waves in addition to other dramatic prefixes such as extreme, abnormal, and killer. They are often sensationalized in media and have been the subject of extreme sport documentaries focusing on big wave riders (an entirely other-level of surfing) and popular non-fiction best sellers such as Wave by author Susan Casey. But this sensationalism does not exaggerate. These liquid beasts are large and spontaneous and cannot be adequately anticipated in any way. They occur far out at sea and are a threat to even the biggest of ships and ocean liners. In addition to the “standardized” (of such a thing could ever be said) challenges that seafaring shipping can bring to your cargo rogue waves add a whole other level of planning that very few shipping companies can provide. This is why specialized companies such as our industrial packing and crating service are so widely sought after.

To account for the most wild water scenario businesses and organizations across North America are looking to reputable companies like Cratex Group when the course of their business depends upon setting their merchandise/materials out on the sea. When a service specializes solely on the process of industrial level packing and crating businesses securing them under contract can gain complete confidence that their goods have been optimally prepared for shipping on the most tumultuous of ocean surfaces. Only expert bracketing, bracing, fastening, securing, and wrapping can allow shipments to truly brave unapologetic waves. If your business/organization is currently considering overseas shipping protection from a Greater Vancouver port then Cratex Group advises you to contact our industrial packing and crating company today.