Eco-Friendly Shipping News – The LNG Solution


Green shipping is the wave of the industry’s future

Readers of our industrial packing and crating blog are predominantly made of up of corporate and organizational figureheads seeking solutions for their shipping preparation needs. Many of you have adopted mandates to become more environmentally conscious as your customer base demands it more and more with each passing year. As an eco-friendly corporation/organization you seek energy efficient alternatives for all aspects of your business. This includes your overseas shipping needs.

There is no question that large scale cargo carriers that travel along the international shipping lanes have a direct and significant impact on the environment as their fuel burns with each nautical mile. Now you, as a business, likely have no other option for shipping your products/materials overseas than aboard these carriers. However when you have decreed to be more environmentally responsible it puts you in a bit of a conundrum. You need to transport your goods, but doing so feels contrary to your eco-mandate. For most of you, your load on a cargo ship likely consists of a container or two on a massive vessel that holds hundreds of others. What say do you have in demanding that the shipping company comply above and beyond the existing limited regulations?

Outside of spearheading a shipping industry revolution (probably not your thing since you are concerned with conducting your day to day business) you can simply look to overseas shipping companies that have adopted energy efficient methods on their carriers. One form of fuel that is taking the industry by storm at the moment is LNG. LNG, or Liquefied Natural Gas, has been popping up in the news related to our broad industry quite a bit over the last year. Liquefied Natural Gas is as it sounds – natural gas converted to liquid form. LNG is odorless, colorless, non-toxic and non-corrosive. In 2014, more than a few large carrier companies are considering and/or are switching over to LNG as their predominant form of fuel for shipping cargo over great distances.

While initial prices of LNG remain somewhat high in certain markets, Reuters recently reported that increased demand has led analysts to expect a substantial drop in LNG prices within the next few years as new production rises. This is no mere speculation. Demand is certain to rise as increases in rigid regulations regarding sulfur emissions from carriers will be set in stone for 2015 and beyond, encompassing U.S., Canadian, and European markets. We all know that these environmental regulations will not loosen over time, and thus shipping companies have already started to convert their fleets of vessels to Liquefied Natural Gas.

LNG is still a relatively new concept as a fuel for shipping companies, with a reported global number of carriers only in the dozens at the moment. However an article in suggests with validity that this number can very well reach into the thousands in the next five years or so. In the present, it seems that LNG is the wave of the future for eco-friendly overseas shipping. If your company/organization is following a strict mandate towards the benefit of the environment then you may want to inquire about the future fueling methods of your prospective carrier, and whether or not they anticipate using LNG.

For those of you still prospecting for an industrial packing and crating company in the Greater Vancouver area, and also seek to inquire about environmentally friendly options for your shipping preparedness needs, we encourage you to contact Cratex Group today.