Don’t Make these LTL Shipping Mistakes

Less than truckload (LTL) shipping is a great way to save money on smaller shipments. If you don’t have enough to fill up a full freight truck, LTL shipping can ensure you goods get to where you need them while keeping shipping costs down. LTL shipping isn’t difficult, but there are some common mistakes that you can make that will increase costs beyond what they should be, or prevent you from getting your freight to its intended destination in a timely manner.

No Insurance

Your shipment is probably not going to be covered by the trucking company that is moving it if something happens. This means that you should be getting insurance to cover your shipment in the event that it doesn’t arrive in tact. Accidents and mistakes can happen. If you don’t have insurance to cover costs when a accident occurs, you could end up losing big in the long term. Take the careful route and insure all of your shipments before they leave the warehouse.

Managing Expectations

LTL isn’t as sure a thing as standard freight or using your own shipping. This means that there is no guarantee, just because you have your freight lined up to arrive on Thursday, that it is going to get there on Thursday. You need to build time into your delivery schedule to make sure that you have some wiggle room as concerns time sensitive materials. You may get lucky and have your shipment arrive early, but you might not. Plan conservatively to make sure that your items arrive on or before they need to.

Pallets, Pallets and More Pallets

Remember that using an LTL freight carrier is not quite the same as using a standard commercial shipping service. This means that you need to properly crate and pallet the goods that you are shipping. Freight rates can depend heavily on proper crating and palleting. Make sure your goods are secure by getting custom crates made for your shipment. Once you are all boxed up and ready to go, load your shipment on to pallets so they can be put into the truck quickly.

Timing is Everything

LTL shipping typically does not offer quick pickups or overnight services. Those are more for companies where you pay by the package. If you are planning on shipping something using an LTL carrier, give yourself plenty of time to have the shipment picked up. You can’t expect an LTL carrier to be able to pick up your shipment on a moment’s notice. Well, you can, but expect to pay for it!

Consider a Freight Broker

With LTL shipments, a freight broker can help you to get the best rates because they are working for several people looking to ship freight. Consider using one for your LTL shipments and shop around to see if you can find the best rates.

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