Our Dedication to You: Part II

Ask us about our cargo protection.

Imagine leaving your child in the hands of total strangers. Would you not want this said stranger to be someone trustworthy and dependable? We know how much your company values your cargo – they are your babies! Leave them in our hands and we guarantee that we will look after them like our own. Below is the continuation of our advice to maximizing protection of your valuable cargo for shipment.

How we protect your cargo (Continued)

Filling Space

Packages will move around and get jostled around during their travels. If you have too much empty space inside your boxes or crates, then it goes without saying that you will risk your item becoming damaged. Therefore, filling up the empty space is extremely important. You should make sure that you fill the empty space as much as possible with loose and appropriate materials while allowing the items to rest around the middle of the container to prevent severe shaking. Larger items should be braced by attaching them to a base before encasing in container for transporting.


It goes without saying that all containers should be sealed properly. For pallets of products, each pallet should be wrapped in clear plastic wraps and shrunk with heat. This will result in firmer hold and better support for the products during shipment.


There is certain cargo that can be susceptible to temperature fluctuations, which should be marked on the outside of the package. For example, food or volatile products are sensitive to extreme temperatures. For these types of cargo, packers should have an idea about the climate and recent temperature fluctuations of the destination region so as to help them plan how to package and product and when to ship it. The standard weather conditions such as rain and snow should also be considered. After all, every carrier will eventually encounter at least one of the elements in order for delivery to happen.


Some carriers have a reputation for extreme caution with their cargo, and we pride ourselves as being one of these carriers. For specialty items, make sure that your carrier will be able to deliver them, as some carriers are not authorized to deliver certain products due to content, weight, or delivery zone.

We are confident in our services – in fact, so much so that we can say that we have perfected the fine art of packing every delicate, awesome, and awkward product imaginable. Don’t believe us? Contact us for more information and put us to the test!