Our dedication to excellence in protecting your cargo

Wooden crate being loaded


Putting your shipping needs at the forefront of our business

Our promise of excellence in customer service includes ensuring your cargo is properly packed and delivered safely and securely to its destination. Your company’s time and money will be wasted if your goods are improperly packed, resulting in lost/damaged merchandise and packaging replacement products. Therefore, it is crucial for service-providers to have the right tools and knowledge.  Here’s how we protect your valuable cargo for shipment:

Customized Containers

For heavier objects, it goes without saying that they should be stored in crates, or at least new containers. We recommend new containers as they have never been in transport and so still retain their integrity. If you opt for used containers, there is a slightly greater risk of damage to your goods if the containers themselves have sustained damage before. In such cases, we recommend double-wall corrugated box for heavy objects.  We provide crates and containers that are custom-designed to suit your needs if your cargo cannot be adequately protected with standard crates.

One of our specialties is designing and building custom shipping crates and we start by determining your exact requirements for size, shape, amount of protection required, weight handling capacity, the fragility of your goods, and whether or not there are any environmental concerns involved. Whether your crate is 6 feet or 53 feet, we make sure your cargo arrives in the expected condition.

Filling/Cushioning Materials

Filling materials must match the shape, weight, and material of the original products. If you use cushioning materials that are specifically molded to the products, then the foam corners and air bags that come with them can provide an extra layer of protection for your items.

Brown paper, bubble wrap, and newspaper, are just a few cushioning materials that you can use to fill the spaces and prevent your items from too much shifting and moving around. Bubble wrap is probably the best material for wrapping individual items, but it can be pricey. Remember to save your bubble wrap when you receive them so you can re-use them in the future. Also, a time-saving trick is to buy bubble wrap in perforated rolls so you can avoid the hassle of cutting them.

If we feel that your items need more attention, we will not hesitate to offer custom-tailored filling/cushioning materials so that your cargo gets all the protection it rightfully deserves.

We pride ourselves on our impeccable customer service and packing quality. For more information about our cargo protection services, please visit our cargo protection services page or contact us for more information.