Cut Your Shipping Costs: Save the Pallet

If your business relies on using pallets to ship your goods, then you will want to pay attention to this blog.  Pallets are an excellent way of shipping large amounts of goods safely, securely and efficiently.  Pallets can be stacked, easily moved and best of all – reused.  If you are not reusing your pallets you are overpaying for your shipping needs and costing your business unnecessary expenses.

As your industrial shipping leaders specializing in packing and crating, here is an outline of why you want to save your pallets and how this practice will greatly reduce your business’ shipping costs.

Supply and Demand

Supply and demand dictate the price of pallets as well as the overall availability of this resource.  When shipping needs are greater, such as right now around the busy holiday season, then the cost of pallets rises sharply – up to 40% in some cases.  If you have not been saving or reusing your pallets, shipping goods at peak times is going to add a significant cost to your business shipping expenses.

Here’s the Deal:

Be in control of your businesses shipping costs by storing and then reusing all your pallets throughout the year.

Versatility and Sustainability

Because of the increasing cost of wooden pallets, many businesses are turning to alternate sources for their pallets.  The most popular alternative is plastic.  Plastic pallets do offer some advantages over traditional wooden pallets that include:

  • Depending upon what type of freight you are shipping (food) you may need clean sanitary pallets. In this case, plastic is a great choice.
  • Plastic pallets will not break or splinter – unlike wood.
  • Sustainability and longevity. Plastic pallets enjoy a longer lifespan.

Other Options

Some options to explore if you have not been stockpiling pallets is to look at both the used and new pallet market.

If space allows, you may want to carve out a place in your business to begin stockpiling pallets and reusing them or even repairing your own pallets, so that you have them on hand for busy times.

Alternate shipping choices such as wooden crates to ship your goods –check with your shipping company to see what the most efficient method is.

If you are looking for ways to reduce your shipping overhead and save your business money, reusing your pallets may be an easy but overlooked way to achieve both goals.  If you are interested in other ways you can save your business money and still ship your goods effectively and efficiently, please contact us today.  We would love to be a part of your business shipping network and look forward to working with you soon.