Customized Crating Services to Meet Diverse Shipping Requirements

Crating Services in Vancouver

When you are looking for reliable packaging and shipping options in order to ensure for safe transit and delivery of your cargo, it is always highly recommended to opt for customized crating services.  Custom made crates are made from certified lumber and are specifically built to suit the diverse shipping requirements of different goods and merchandise. As these types of crates conform to the highest of manufacturing standards, you can be rest assured that your shipment will arrive completely safe upon delivery.

Ensure Complete Cargo Safety with Customized Crates


Based on the nature, size, shape, weight as well as the transportation requirements of your shipment there are a range of customized crating services available nowadays for you to choose from as discussed in the following section:

Commercial Crates – In order to meet the day to day transportation requirements of most businesses, individual crates as well as multiples of crates can be custom made for delivery. Business owners can choose specific building materials, ideal size as well as compartmentalized construction for their crates to make their goods safe, efficient and cost effective for shipping.

Trade Show Shipping Crates – Secure, effective and attractive packaging plays a very important role in ensuring a hassle free and successful experience at any trade show exhibition. This is why state-of-the-art custom crating services are the best option for businesses keen on transporting and showcasing their products in the most professional manner on international platforms.

Industrial Crating Services – Customized industrial crates are ideal for transporting bulky as well as intricate machinery, vehicles, electronic goods and various types of industrial cargo which require heavy duty and secure packaging. Once made-to-order crates are designed according to specific size and weight requirements they are a great investment, as these crates can be reused for the relocation and overseas shipping of cargo multiple times.

Fine Art Shipping Crates – When it comes to shipping fine art, it is paramount to ensure that there is no occurrence of damage during transit. Whether it is an antique, sculpture or a painting, customized fine art shipping services can be easily availed to suit the packaging requirements of any kind of piece and is well worth the effort for making sure that your valuables are delivered in their original condition.

Availing customized crating services is the best solution for avoiding any damage to your cargo during its transportation. Another benefit of opting for made-to-order packaging for businesses and industries is that specifically manufactured high quality crates can be reused for a long time. Custom crating is therefore a surefire way to not only ensure the timely and safe shipment of cargo but the crates prove to be an ideal long term investment as well.  If you are looking for the best packing and crating services to accommodate your shipments, please contact us.