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Cratex Now Offering Bonded Warehouse Services

Cratex Industrial Packing, LTD has long been known as one of Vancouver’s premier sources for transloading services, providing businesses with easy shipping for their most hard to handle products. If you already know Cratex for its shipping versatility, you’ll be pleased to learn that this trusted transloading company now offers businesses across Vancouver bonded warehouse services.

With bonded warehouse services, Cratex is now your number one source for storing and shipping your business’s most important products. Read more about the benefits of choosing bonded warehouse services from Cratex and find out how you can schedule sufferance in Vancouver.

What is a Bonded Warehouse?

If you’ve never used bonded warehouse services before, you might be wondering about the benefits of this storage method. Primarily, the reason that a business would choose to use a bonded warehouse is that it helps to reduced costs associated with shipping duties.

When goods are shipped internationally, the receiver will usually be required to pay a duty. However, when your products are received by Cratex bonded warehouse, you can delay paying these duties for as long as four years because the items are still technically in the possession of the Canada Border Services Agency. Choosing bonded warehouse services from Cratex means lowering the cost of your business when you ship and receive goods internationally.

Manipulate Your Goods in Multiple Ways

Another benefit of choosing bonded warehouse services from Cratex is that you can still access and manipulate your products while delaying your duty payment. While your goods are stored in a Cratex bonded warehouse, you can manipulate them the same way you would if they were located in your own storage facility.

For example, when your goods are in a bonded warehouse, you are allowed to inspect them, take them apart and put them together, label them and performing typical maintenance and service tasks. This means that the operations of your business will not suffer when you use a bonded warehouse, and may even be improved by this easy and affordable storage solution.

Other Benefits of Sufferance in Vancouver

As mentioned, storing your goods in a bonded warehouse can help you delay paying duties on imported goods. However, depending on the typical operations, you may be able to avoid paying import duties completely.

In certain circumstances, businesses that import goods to a bonded warehouse that are scheduled for eventual exportation may not need to pay duties before removing their products from the warehouse. Generally, this will only apply to consolidated goods that are meant for export, and you may need to still pay duties for export and transit. When you use sufferance in Vancouver for your goods, the benefits are almost limitless.

Work with Cratex Today

Now that you know about the benefits you’ll get from storing your business’s products in bonded warehouse, you need to schedule sufferance Vancouver from Cratex Industrial Packing, LTD. At Cratex, we are proud to offer our customers flexible, affordable transloading services, which now includes the ability to schedule storage in a bonded warehouse. If you’re looking for a one-stop solution for your transloading and storage needs, look no further than Cratex.

Learn more about our bonded warehouse services and find out how we can help your business.