Consider Shrink Wrapping for Overseas Transport

Overseas cargo shipping

Shipping oversized items overseas can be a challenge. You want your item to arrive in the best possible condition, however oversized items won’t fit in standard shipping crates.  The majority of overseas shipping is done via cargo vessel, so you’ll want to protect your cargo from the corrosive effects of salt water and salt air with shrink wrapping during its sea voyage.

Professional shipping solutions will ensure your shipment arrives safely and undamaged.

Shrink Wrapping vs. Stretch Wrapping

Merely covering your items in a tarp or canvas might seem like a good idea, however, tarps aren’t airtight and canvas isn’t waterproof.  When done properly, shrink wrapping can seal in a protective layer of air for your cargo.  Unlike tarps, shrink wrap can be fitted to the specific size of the item you are trying to ship.  This creates a custom plastic shipping container that will protect your items.  Shrink wrap is made from specialized plastic that seals and protects your items in a controlled environment of your choosing.  Don’t confuse shrink wrapping with stretch wrapping.  Stretch wrapping is a packing method that uses overlapping layers of plastic.  Stretch wrap does not offer the same level of protection that shrink wrap does.

Safety Concerns

If you are considering having items shrink-wrapped, bear in mind that any sharp surfaces that may compromise the process. If the shrink wrap tears, the seal is compromised and damage can result.  Proper padding needs to be part of the shrink wrap plan to protect both your item and the shrink wrap.

If you are shipping items that need to be vented in some way, take this into account before you shrink wrap.  Improper venting for items such as corrosive or volatile chemicals could cause major damage to your shipment in transit. Overseas shipping is not a quick process and so you need to make sure that your item is safe for the long haul.

Covering shrink wrapped items with canvas, tarps or other coverings can cause damage to the shrink wrap and are not necessary.  The shrink wrap itself should provide ample protection for your items, so don’t feel the need to over protect.  In this case, it could backfire and cause damage.

Cost Considerations

Be prepared for the costs involved in shrink wrapping.  Yes, shrink wrap is made of plastic, but there is more to it than just applying a plastic covering.  Professionals will take extra care to ensure that your item is not only covered, but sealed in a protective environment and that every precaution has been taken to ensure nothing will compromise your cargo.

For more information about shrink-wrapping your next shipment,please give us a call.