Concerned About Corrosion When Shipping on the Sea?

Corrosion Protection

Don’t let the threat of rust drop an anchor on your progress as a business in need of sea born shipping

By basic definition, corrosion is the gradual disintegration of metal and other similar materials by chemical reaction with its surrounding environment. In a more dramatic sense, it can be the bane of the existence of any person or business seeking to ship a possession or product on the ocean, be it along the coastline from San Diego to Vancouver or overseas to Asia.

It is such a nemesis because the primary culprit in causing corrosion is water, in particular salt water, which is found conjoined with the air surrounding anything near the ocean. It’s a juxtaposition – proximity to the sea provides transport of goods with an optimum logistic scenario yet without proper care the properties of it can turn a shiny new possession/product into a rusted antique within a few short years – minus the vintage appraisal value.

The electro-chemical process of aqueous corrosion affects both metals and alloys that come in contact in any form of salt water, direct or otherwise. Salt water serves as a very proficient electrolyte. Its chloride property is ever present in static marine atmospheres or on transport on the sea, where splash and spray touch surfaces and hides in the all-encompassing air. When you factor in a point of origin where oxygen concentration is low, such as within metal/alloy nooks and crannies, electrodes are positively charged and the acidic nature of the process begins, causing corrosion and good old fashioned rust. Unless of course the appropriate precautions are taken.

Now we know that many individuals or businesses are content to ship items without applying the proper due diligence in selecting packing & crating of shipping companies with appropriate methods because they’ve done so once before and saw no immediate corrosive impact. We doubt they’ll feel that same sense of confidence in a few years down the road when items begin to show the destructive signs of that decision. Corrosion may be a slow killer, but a killer nonetheless. However it is a beast easily defeated (prevented) by simply selecting the right packing, crating, and shipping company.

Cratex Group, located along the wonderful port shores of Vancouver BC, is versed as an industry leader in the packing and crating business. Most importantly (with respect to today’s blog entry) we are specialists in the corrosion control during shipment department, using Cortec Corrosion Inhibiting Products. Whether you are a well-to-do car collector shipping a prized vehicle, a construction company needing to transport machinery, or a small/medium/large business owner sending metal or alloy based products to valued customers overseas you’ll want to use Cratex to get the job done without salt water corrosion creeping in.

Contact our industrial packing and crating Vancouver company today and keep corrosion at bay when shipping.