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What is the Best Wood for Crating

Wood work backgroundIf you have the need to have items crated for shipping, the first option you might confronted with is what kind of wood your crate should be constructed out of. There are typically two main categories of wood that are used for building crates: plywood and oriented strand board (OSB). Both of them have their benefits and downfalls. Let’s take a look at these different kinds of woods that can be used for crating and see which one might better suit your crating needs. Continue reading

Using Plastic Pallets for One Way Shipping

International shipping can be easy when you follow thesehelpful tips.When a company invests in plastic pallets, it is usually because they plan on using them for repeated shipping trips. There are some cases where using plastic pallets for a one way trip might make sense. Here are some reasons why you may wish to do so, and also some extra preparations you might need to make in order to make sure your shipment arrives without any issues. Continue reading

Pallets: The Workhorses of Shipping

palletYou’ve seen them, but you may not have taken notice of them. Pallets are the workhorses of shipping. Without pallets you wouldn’t be able to move shipments around or hold your shipments together. If you are new to shipping, then read on to see what pallets can do for you and what kind of pallets are available for you to buy. Continue reading

Things to Know When Shipping Overseas

overseas shipping

If you are planning on expanding your shipping markets overseas, then you will eventually need to enter into a contract with an overseas carrier. The burden of knowing just what the specifics of a contract are when you enter into one puts a lot of pressure on you as the shipper. Many of these contracts can last over a year or more. If you enter into a bad contract, you could be stuck dealing with some of the following issues:

  • Rates that are too high for you to get a return on your shipment investment
  • Market conditions that do not support selling your products in the markets that your shipping contract has given you access to
  • Being unable to adjust the contract to address any of the above two points

The burden is on the shipper to know what to do if any of the things above happen. Here are some things you should be looking for when shipping overseas. Continue reading

What Should You Know Before Shopping for Freight Carriers

shipping goods in a factory So you have a large amount of freight you need to move. It is time to start shopping for freight carriers. In order to get the best results when shopping around, there is some common information that all carriers are going to ask you. Having that information on hand and ready to go when they ask for it will make your shopping and selection process goes much more smoothly. Here is the list of things you should have on hand before you contact shipping lines to move your freight.

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What are Shipping Detention Charges?

warehouseSo you are going over your freight bill and you notice a line item that is listed as detention. Extra charges for freight never make shippers happy, but mysterious ones are even worse. Let’s discuss what detention is, why it is charged and ways that you can avoid having shipping detention charged when you ship.

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Prepare for Overseas Shipments

At Cratex we can handle all of your transloading needs.Using a cargo liner to ship items overseas is a complicated process. In order to be successful you need to have many things lined up properly in order to make sure your shipment arrives safely, legally and in the correct location. Failing to prepare for overseas shipments can result in the loss of an entire shipment and quite a bit of money along with it. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are preparing a shipment for overseas freight.

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The Hazards of Shipping in Extreme Weather

Large cargo ship carrying colorful containers

Cold weather and snow have pelted the United States and Canada. Because of the snowfall and cold temperatures, many flights have been canceled and normal business has been disrupted. How can your shipments be affected by this type of extreme weather? Here are some things that you can expect and plan for when shipping in extreme weather.

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Troubles with Climate Controlled Trucking

climate controlled trucking

Shipping goods that need climate-controlled containers had many challenges associated with it. Finding a trucking line that is capable of meeting your needs might be challenging depending on the size and scope of what you need moved. Here are some of the pitfalls to look out for and some ideas as to how reduce shipping costs if you need to move goods in climate controlled trucking.

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