Cargo Protection

In some cases extra protection is required to ensure that items reach their destination in pristine condition. To minimize the potential for damage in transit we provide the following services:

Fine Art Packing

Industrial Packing and Crating -fine_art_packing

The next time you are shipping a piece of artwork consider having us custom build a wooden crate to protect your valuable asset. Our wooden crates are built using quality materials to minimize shock damage. Whether you are shipping a sculpture, native art or an antique of any size we can create a package uniquely designed to protect your cargo during shipment. We can custom pack almost any type of artwork to ensure it arrives at its destination in the same condition as it left.

Cortec Corrosion Inhibiting Products

Crating and Transloading - Corrosion Protection

As Western Canadian agent for CORTEC corrosion inhibiting products we can also protect highly sensitive items from corrosion damage prior to outside packing. A full range of corrosion inhibitors is available to protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including formulations that protect combinations of metals.

Whether you need temporary protection during in-plant processing, medium-term protection for shipment and storage, or extended protection for lay-up, mothballing and field service there’s a Cortec solution for you. Cortec’s formulations use state-of-the-art chemical technology available to alleviate health, safety, flammability and pollution control concerns.