The Benefits of Custom Crating

Not all crates are created equally.  Regardless of what you are shipping, you want your goods to arrive at their final destination as quickly as possible and undamaged.  One of the best ways to protect your freight throughout its destination is to use a crate.  Custom crates offer even more protection and can be more beneficial if you are using transloading as your main shipping means.

Here are some of the many benefits of using custom crating.

Built to Suit

The main advantage to using a custom crate is to prevent damage.  It can be built to the exact dimensions of your goods.  Custom crating is ideal for all types of cumbersome goods or items that are too large for conventional crates.

At Cratex, we take custom crating to another level to ensure that your goods are protected at all times.  This includes:

  • Determining the exact requirements regarding the shape and size of your freight.
  • The amount of protection required.
  • The fragility of your goods.
  • Whether or not there are any environmental concerns to be considered.


A custom crate will also consider the weight of the products that you will be shipping.  This means that your custom crate will be able to support and protect your goods regardless of the method of shipping.  Using a custom crate will give you piece of mind that it will not break on its way to its destination.

Easy to Move

Because a custom crate protects and supports your freight, it can be loaded and offloaded as many times as necessary without concern of damage.  These crates can also be customized to make them stackable.  The mobility of a custom crate adds a new dimension to your shipping and will allow a more streamlined and faster shipping time.

Prevents Shifting

Custom crates also prevent any shifting that may occur as your freight is being shipped.  Using braces or blocking, a custom crate will ensure that your freight will not be damaged or move as it travels to its shipping destination.

At Cratex, we offer other ways to protect your goods as well.  We can work with you to find the perfect blend of custom crating and protections, such as shrink wrapping to ensure that your freight arrives in the same condition it left our warehouse.

We bring years of experience to every custom crate we make and understand the unique needs that you may require for your precious freight.  We can help you understand and meet all of the rules and regulations of various destination points and ensure that your goods arrive on time and undamaged.  Please contact us today and see how custom crating can help you with your shipping needs.