A Basic Guide to the Various Modes of Shipping Crates

We offer excellent crating services for your shipping or storing needs.Shipping crates are one of the most viable ways of transporting cargo of all types, shapes and sizes. From heavy duty industrial shipments and retail products to household items and personal belongings, goods can be transferred efficiently from one part of the globe to the other safely packaged in crates.

Shipping -Definition and Common Usage

While the term “shipping” was originally used for describing the transportation of goods through sea passage, it is nowadays jointly used for referring to all three modes of cargo transportation which include land, air as well as sea. Cargo is therefore transported through these different modes depending upon the weight, volume, budget, time and the desired destination of the goods.

Shipping Crates by Land Transport

Land shipping is one of the earliest forms of cargo transportation and is mainly used for delivering goods within countries or international destinations which are close to each other. While trucks are the most common vehicles of land transportation, cargo crates are also shipped by trains.

Benefits – One of the most convenient aspects of opting for land transport is that almost any kind of cargo regardless of size and weight can be easily shipped from one point to the other in a cost effective manner. Another important feature of shipping crates through land transportation is that this mode of transport is always used even if the product is initially moved through sea or air in order to finally deliver the goods to its destination.

Air Shipping of Crates

Air shipping involves the use of commercial aircrafts to transport cargo crates. There are specialized planes which are exclusively built to carry industrial cargo and retail goods. This is called air freight, which is used for transporting a wide range of goods with the sole limitation of cargo that is too heavy or huge to fit into the planes.

Benefits – The greatest benefit of opting for air shipping is the time factor as items can be delivered very quickly within the country as well as across international borders. Another unique benefit of opting for air shipping of crates is that this mode of transportation is perfect for delivering goods that have a short shelf life as well as items which are much too delicate or valuable to be transported through land or sea.

Transporting Crates through Sea

In the world of international trade, ships are the main modes of transport. The majority of industrial goods which are packaged in crates for delivery from one point to another are primarily transported by Sea. This mode of transporting cargo by sea is commercially known as merchant shipping. Most packaging and shipping companies rent spaces in commercial ships managed by the merchant navy to transport their client’s goods which are professionally packed in crates for safe transportation and delivery.

Benefits – Shipping by sea is one of the most popular modes of cargo transportation as it is cost effective as well as a very safe medium of transport. Moreover this mode is the most ideal for shipping the bulkiest and biggest of cargo which would otherwise be impossible through land or air.

Whether it is by land, air or sea each mode of shipping crates is equally important and offers its own unique range of benefits.  If you have any queries about our shipping services feel free to contact us!