Avoid These Mistakes When Shipping Servers

Laptop computer with sky screen isolated on whiteWhatever the business reason, there is no doubt that shipping a computer can be tricky. The process gets more complex if you are shipping servers or more critical computers. No matter the reason, you want your servers to ship in one peace and ready to go on to your network when they arrive. This means avoiding some of these common shipping mistakes when it comes to servers.

Avoid Using Expanded Polystyrene Packing

Expanded polystyrene, more commonly known as Styrofoam, is a very common packing material. It is a bad idea to ship computer equipment using packing material made of Styrofoam, though. First, Styrofoam flakes very easily. This means that small pieces of the packing material can find their way inside of your server and start to cause issues with the internals. Secondly, the material does not provide much cushion against shock and vibration.

These two common shipping side effects can cause a lot of damage to a sensitive sever. Use a cut to fit polyethylene foam instead of Styrofoam. This provides much better shock and vibration protection and does not flake.

Check your OEM Packaging

You should always save the original packing material for your servers if you ever plan on shipping them. Regardless of whether you have repackaged a server that was in use or are shipping newly boxed and never open servers in their OEM packaging, you need to know the limits of what the packing materials can tolerate.

Generally, manufacturer packaging can only provide very limited protect for your equipment. If you are relying only on this to keep your servers safe, you might want to rethink your strategy and invest in additional material to provide added protection.

Palletized Servers are Not Safe

Do not pallet up and shrink wrap your servers. Pallets offer no protection for your equipment. Not only can pallets be banged into other pallets, your servers could be in danger of being crushed by other things being carried in the same shipment. Have custom crates and or other protective shipping containers built for your servers. Cratex offers excellent custom crating options that would be perfect for making sure your servers arrive on site safe and ready to go.


Make Sure You Have the Right Insurance

Insuring oranges or peanuts by the pound makes sense. Odds are your servers are much more expensive than their weight in materials; not only for the data that they contain, but the simple fact that a computer is more than the sum of its parts. Make sure you have the proper insurance for your shipment that covers the actual costs of the equipment. Having a blanket “per pound” policy will not help you cover the costs of any lost equipment should something happen in transit.

Shipping a server takes a little more care and planning than even regular computers. Make sure to avoid the above mistakes so that your equipment arrives to its destination undamaged.