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The role of Delivery Orders in the shipping and delivery chain

cargo ship at port for unloadingDelivery Orders are of major importance in the cargo shipping chain, and are issued by the carrier to make sure that the cargo is released to the receiver as agreed upon in the bill of lading. They are documents that handle the separation of the cargo and the carrier, the all-important end point of the shipping process.

Documenting the separation of the cargo and the carrier

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Using tarps for shipping

truck driving on a country roadSelecting the right industrial packing for your cargo is of paramount importance. The right shipping crates can make or break the shipment, protecting it from the elements and ensuring that the cargo gets to its destination not only in one piece, but undamaged from the rigors of travel and the ravages of nature. When shipping cargo on flatbed trailers using long-haul trucking, tarps have been a time-honored method of protecting shipments from dirt, grit, temperature, and precipitation. Choosing the right tarp to complement your shipping crates is essential to the transportation process.

Ensuring a safe and secure transport process for your cargo

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Maximize your cost savings with Transloading

Happy shipping manager
There are several reasons why transloading has become the most cost-efficient and preferred way to handle goods for import.  Transloading services ultimately help you save money by bringing ocean containers inland to distribution centers.  Transloading also reduces both your landed costs and your handling costs at the destination by transferring cargo (without sorting the contents for shipment ) to a single destination.

Additional costs and be saved when the services are combined with palletizing and shrink-wrapping. Below we provide you with more tips to help you maximize your savings with transloading:

Tips for saving money on your shipping costs

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The Basics of Boat Shipping

Ship your boat with a professional.

So it’s time to move, but why leave your boat behind? As long as there is a suitable body of water nearby at your destination there is no reason to not take your boat with you. Shipping a boat will take some time and consideration to make sure it arrives undamaged at its new marina. With proper time spent in preparation you can continue to enjoy your favorite “hole in the water” at your new home port.

How to Properly Ship your Boat

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Our Dedication to You: Part II

Ask us about our cargo protection.

Imagine leaving your child in the hands of total strangers. Would you not want this said stranger to be someone trustworthy and dependable? We know how much your company values your cargo – they are your babies! Leave them in our hands and we guarantee that we will look after them like our own. Below is the continuation of our advice to maximizing protection of your valuable cargo for shipment.

How we protect your cargo (Continued)

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International Shipping Tips: II

International shipping can be easy when you follow thesehelpful tips.
As a small online retailer who is looking to ship your products over the international lines, you may likely be worried about the many risks that accompany the complicated procedures. In the following entry, we will continue from our previous posting and introduce to you the last three tips in detail. Enjoy!

International Shipping Tips Continued:

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International Shipping Tips: Part I

Tips for shipping smaller products overseas.Are you looking to expand across the border? Well then you’re in the right place. The Port of Vancouver is the largest in Canada and ranks first in North America in total foreign exports and second on the west coast in total cargo volume. Given that we are poised at the gateway for pan-Pacific trade, it makes sense to take advantage of opportunities in international markets. Many businesses opt to open up their online sales to clients overseas. Millions of users everyday shop online from our next-door neighbor or across the Pacific Ocean from China, Japan and India. Whether you are an online retailer with international customers or small import/export business that relies on international trade, you will need international shipping services. It isn’t nearly as easy as it seems, is it, than simply putting your products in a box, placing a proper label upon it, and having it sent out. That’s why, in the next two blod entries, we will provide you with five tips that we hope will help you simplify your next shipment.

Know your destination country’s regulations in advance for all international small shipments

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Consider Shrink Wrapping for Overseas Transport

Overseas cargo shipping

Shipping oversized items overseas can be a challenge. You want your item to arrive in the best possible condition, however oversized items won’t fit in standard shipping crates.  The majority of overseas shipping is done via cargo vessel, so you’ll want to protect your cargo from the corrosive effects of salt water and salt air with shrink wrapping during its sea voyage.

Professional shipping solutions will ensure your shipment arrives safely and undamaged.

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