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What is ISPM 15 and Why is it Important in Crating Services?

Our lumber for our crating services adheres to the ISPM standards.

When browsing our site you may have come across our commitment to and compliance of the ISPM 15 standard. As a shipping and crating professional we take great care to ensure that all of the lumber used in our crating services does not contribute to the spread of invasive insect species.

Invasive insect species are a destructive force that can cause irreparable environmental damage. Prime examples of this are the Emerald Ash Borer and the Asian Longhorned Beetle. Most of these species’ introduction to the environment can be traced back to shipments of untreated wood used in packing materials.

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How to Select the Proper Corrosion Inhibitor

metal gearsProtecting your expensive equipment from damage during shipping or storage is a major priority. Any equipment made of metal or steel can fall prey to damage from corrosion. Damages that might occur can impact equipment performance or even force costly replacement of equipment, well before its normal end of life.

Fortunately, there are a multitude of products that can help you protect your industrial equipment from corrosion. How do you choose the right one?

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Tips for Shipping Electronics Safely

Safety is paramount when shipping electronics.

Probably one of the most fragile things to ship are electronics. Today, electronics are one of the most frequently shipped items worldwide. Most electronics, particularly computers, contain thousands upon thousands of tiny little parts that must be protected.

No matter if you are shipping a vital hard drive, twenty new servers or 100 motherboards, some simple steps for packing can ensure that your electronics arrive undamaged.

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What Is a Bill of Lading?

cargo container freight shipping

Whether it’s a short form bill of lading, a long form one, a switch bill of lading, or any other variety, bills of lading are not only commonplace and standard in the transloading industry, they are in fact one of the most essential parts of the shipping and logistics process. Since it holds such a central place in the process, it’s important to understand the bill of lading.

Three Purposes of a Bill of Lading

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Fine art shipping: tips to help protect your investment


Shipping art requires special skills. Sculptures add a level of complexity to the process due to their odd sizes, shapes and weights. Depending on what the sculpture is made of, it can be very fragile and break easily. In order to ship sculptures properly, care must be taken in the packaging and crating to ensure that your sculpture arrives unharmed at its destination.

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Industrial Shipping Step by Step

Industrial packing and shipping truck on a high level bridgeIndustrial shipping moves tens of thousands of shipping containers through thousands of seaports and airports every day of the year. It’s the way in which your sneakers, hoodies, notebooks, furniture, and even food make the worldwide journey from shipper to receiver. Each supply chain has its own procedures and logistics to maintain, to ensure a smooth and steady transfer of goods from one point to another.

The Industrial Shipping Chain

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How Transloading Increases Efficiency

Transloading services can improve yourTransloading, or the process of transferring cargo between varying means of transportation from its source to its final destination, is becoming ever more popular in the industrial shipping industry with each passing day. This process covers products from stereos to dangerous chemicals, and can cover all kinds of transportation from rail to truck to airline to ocean liner.

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Short Form Bills of Lading

cargo shipping vesselBills of Lading are vitally important documents in the shipping and receiving chain. They provide evidence of the contract, a document of title and information regarding the receipt of goods. In short, these bills are the document that provides proof of the entire contract for shipping and receiving. These documents, once established, are non-negotiable and/or non-transferable, the intent being to ensure that cargo is delivered into the proper hands.

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Choosing a Shipping Container

Detailed outline of how we select shipping containers.

Choosing the right shipping container is key to ensuring your shipment arrives safely and undamaged. There are a number of issues that have to be addressed when you choose your shipping container, and you should be careful to consider all salient points before moving forward. Let’s look at the important aspects of inspecting your shipping crates.

Steps for Selecting a Shipping Container for Shipment

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